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Published on September 8th, 2016 | by Max Argent


Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0 manages and troubleshoots 802.11ac Wave 1 and 2 Wi-Fi networks

Xirrus has announced the launch of Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0, a free downloadable application that quickly and easily provides visibility into Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0 is now available to users on devices running Windows or Mac OS. It supports the latest 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 standards. The tool provides both IT and end users a painless way to manage and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. Users can search for Wi-Fi networks, troubleshoot connections, verify Wi-Fi coverage, detect rogue access points (APs) and more – all at no cost.

Wi-Fi Inspector 1.0 reached over one million downloads, rapidly becoming the standard for organisations across the globe to quickly and easily gain visibility into their networks. After experiencing momentous traction, Xirrus developed Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0 to enhance its feature set and broaden its user base. Key applications of Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0 include:

  • Search for Wi-Fi networks
  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues remotely
  • Verify Wi-Fi coverage and conduct a site survey
  • Control a laptop Wi-Fi connection
  • Detect and locate Wi-Fi devices and APs including rogue, unauthorised APs
  • Verify and monitor network quality and performance
  • Determine AP placement in network planning

Today, people rely on Wi-Fi connectivity regardless of their location. Network administrators and IT departments benefit from tools that test and verify network performance. As a testament to its usefulness, our previous Wi-Fi Inspector version was downloaded over one million times since we first introduced it,” said Bruce Miller, VP of product marketing, Xirrus. “Now, we are introducing Wi-Fi Inspector 2.0, which supports the latest Mac OS and Windows platforms, to continue to provide valuable Wi-Fi insights to network admins and users around the world.

To learn more or download the application, please visit

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