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Published on August 3rd, 2016 | by Max Argent


Xirrus Introduces XPS to Deliver Fastest Wi-Fi Location Services on The Market

Xirrus has announced the Xirrus Positioning System (XPS), integrated within the Xirrus Management System (XMS), providing organisations with real-time visibility into the location of WiFi clients both associated and unassociated to the network. XPS is the only Wi-Fi location data solution available that distributes the highly intensive calculation of client location across all access points (APs) within the network. With more processing power than any competitive solution, XPS provides a faster way for businesses to pinpoint locations on a massive scale, up to 100,000 devices simultaneously, without the need for an expensive centralized engine.

Key functionality of the XPS includes:

  • Most resilient unique architecture – Each access point includes a location engine which work together across the entire network to lower complexity and increase resiliency by eliminating external appliances.
  • Fastest location processing – Multi-core processors in each Xirrus access point empower superior compute resources and instantaneous location data independent of a central processor.
  • Most scalable solution available – Scales seamlessly and tracks up to 100,000 Wi-Fi clients simultaneously without an additional appliance to run analysis. All types of Wi-Fi enabled devices, including IoT sensors, can be tracked with XPS.
  • Easiest to configure – Takes only minutes for simple integration with XMS to allow real-time client location from the admin dashboard using floor maps imported into the system.

Business success depends on continuous engagement with connected customers and guests. The ability to process location data for tens of thousands of Wi-Fi devices instantaneously, opens the door to a range of business specific applications for unique user experiences at retail shops, public malls, hotels, convention centers, sports arenas and more. XPS provides organisations that offer guest WiFi the ability to deliver a connected and tailored experience for their customers, such as social integration, venue promotion or loyalty awards programs, to differentiate themselves from competitors. The benefits span a wide-range of use cases: retail stores can optimize display locations, hospitals can make it easier to locate equipment, museums can deliver audio narrative by exhibit, sports fans can find concession stands with short lines, and enterprises can locate rogue APs.

Positive customer experiences are indispensable contributors to any thriving business environment, particularly in the retail and transportation industries,” said Gregory Smith, CEO, WIFI Metropolis. “Location identification transforms guest Wi-Fi into a powerful customer engagement tool by enabling the opportunity to deliver new services.

As part of the comprehensive Xirrus Wi-Fi solution, XPS enables organizations to gain greater visibility into constituent’s patterns and habits and act on that data. As businesses look for new ways to utilize or monetize their Wi-Fi infrastructure investment, XPS offers a unique architecture that delivers significant benefits to our customers,” said Bruce Miller, VP of product marketing, Xirrus. “XPS seamlessly scales for any size of environment, without the challenges and cost associated with traditional solutions.

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