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Published on August 3rd, 2011 | by Alexis Argent


WLAN Controller from Funkwerk now manages up to 150 access points


Funkwerk Enterprise Communications, with its most recent version of the bintec WLAN Controller,  is now offering expanded functionality for easy enterprise wireless management. The software controller solution lets companies configure wireless networks with up to 150 access points quickly and easily, even without the help of an IT expert. The new e-mail alarm functionality enables seamless monitoring — if a managed access point goes offline, the controller sends a text message to an administrator’s mobile phone.

Hans-Dieter Wahl, product manager at FEC, explains. “With the bintec WLAN Controller’s new specification of up to 150 access points available, we are targeting companies and institutions with large and very large installations seeking to achieve simple WLAN management without compromising security.”

No matter whether a company needs frequency management with automatic channel selection, support for virtual LANs, or virtual wireless network (multi-SSID) administration — the bintec WLAN Controller continuously monitors the entire WLAN architecture and reports any malfunctions or security risks.

A powerful duo — licensing

To monitor large WLAN networks comprising 73 to 150 access points as typically found in schools, hospitals, and larger corporate campuses, FEC offers the bintec WLAN Controller in combination with the new central-site VPN gateway, the bintec RXL12500. The software is included with the gateway and activated via licensing. With the new e-mail alarm functionality, administrators are always aware of the current status of the WLAN. The bintec RXL12500 is so powerful that it can also support additional parallel applications such as a hotspot solution.

For managing up to 72 access points, the bintec WLAN Controller is included as a license with the bintec R, W, and WI series routers and access points. The full performance of all bintec 802.11n access points is supported. The lowest specification for up to six access points requires no additional hardware since the controller software is operated as a license on a master access point. Each license covers 6 access points. For redundant WLAN Controller operation, two bintec Rxx02-series units configured as WLAN controllers are required.

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH (FEC) is a European provider of integrated communication solutions for small to medium enterprise customers in the competence fields IP access, security, voice, and WLAN. Moreover, the company provides highly scalable and flexible solutions for subsidiary networking.
The main objective of the business activities is to offer professional users optimum benefit for meeting their challenges on the ICT infrastructure sector with the help of market-conforming, reliable, and high-performance solutions. The solutions are distributed via indirect channels in a two-tier sales system both nationally and internationally. In total, Funkwerk Enterprise Communications employs approximately 150 persons at several company sites in Europe. The FEC headquarter is located in Nuremberg. FEC is a 100% subsidiary of Funkwerk AG, based in Kölleda, Germany.

For more information, please visit our Funkwerk Product Page

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