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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Alexis Argent


UK ‘Most improved’ School Hove Park Supports 1:1 iPad Project for 1,700 Pupils with Meru Education-grade (MEG) Wi-Fi

Meru Wi-Fi transforms learning and democratizes the classroom

Meru Networks® (NASDAQ MERU) today announced that Hove Park School in Brighton, East Sussex has deployed a Meru Education-grade (MEG™) wireless solution to support Apple iPads® given to each of its 1,700 students. The school also makes extensive use of iTunes U®, in addition to Apple TV®, which is supported using Meru Bonjour Service Control. Hove Park School joins more than 3,000 schools in the UK and Ireland currently using Meru MEG solutions.

“iPads have revolutionized the way we teach and the way students learn. There’s a real sense nowadays that unless education environments move with the pace of change of technology, they will fall behind,” said Niel McLeod, deputy head teacher and business manager at Hove Park School. “Our device of choice is the iPad. With it, we have been able to dramatically increase the ability to access information, increase the range of tools and applications available and increase the amount of student collaboration with one other and with others beyond the walls of the school. We’ve effectively democratized the classroom!”

With its motto of ‘Putting Achievement First,’ the school is using mobile technology to completely transform learning and personalize the experience for both students and teachers. One of the top one percent of the UK Department of Education’s ‘Most Improved’ secondary schools in the UK, Hove Park introduced its 1:1 iPad Learning Transformation Project in April 2013 and is already seeing huge benefits in terms of student achievement, behavior and perceptions of learning. Following the iPad implementation last year, the school is putting all standardized tests and assessments – part of its Hove Park Baccalaureate – into an iTunes U® course, so they can be closely monitored by the school and parents.

Support for Apple® Bonjour®

All of the teachers and students at Hove Park School work with an iPad, while every classroom and learning space is equipped with Apple TV with use enabled by Meru Bonjour Service Control. Integrated with the Meru MobileFLEX architecture, Meru Bonjour Service Control helps ensure that transmitting devices and the displays connected to AppleTV units are appropriately coordinated on a per-classroom basis, to avoid interference and confusion. Meru’s access points and controllers manage the service dynamically.

The Meru solution provides consistently high performance at the school, which is housed in older buildings and located on a split site with buildings 1.5 miles apart. Hove Park selected Meru for its high-density capabilities, reliability and ease of installation following a formal tender process and consultation, through which the nearby Hampshire education authority awarded a Wi-Fi contract to Meru for 60 secondary schools.

We did a lot of research into the different providers and their strengths and weaknesses and Meru came out on top as a reliable, easy to maintain, easy to install system – one that could cope with the density of usage that you get with classroom-based usage,” added McLeod. “We were able to visit schools in our area and across the country that had developed one-to-one schemes or that were working with a high number of laptops and Meru was a very popular choice. We were confident that it was the right system and that’s proved to be the case.”

“There’s a real buzz about Hove Park at the moment and we’re delighted to be part of the school’s transition to a personalized learning environment where every pupil has access to an iPad,” said Mark Howell, area director for UK and Ireland at Meru. “The school’s decision to empower students to take responsibility for their learning and encourage more independent and creative learning is a great example of how a school can improve performance and raise standards through technology.”

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