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Published on May 16th, 2017 | by David Frith

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Video overview

4Gon take a look at the Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key. The Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key is an integrated computer and software controller minus the bulk. The UniFi Cloud Key features a quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM, operating the latest version of the UniFi Controller with built-in hybrid cloud technology.

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Features

  • Secure UniFi Hybrid Cloud Technology
  • Fully Integrated, Stand-Alone UniFi Controller Hardware
  • Remote, Private Cloud Access to the UniFi Controller

Breakthrough Efficiency

The UniFi Cloud Key is fully capable of configuring and managing dozens of  Ubiquiti UniFi devices in your deployment. Replacing a dedicated server or computer, the UniFi Cloud Key is an ultra-low energy solution with virtually no footprint.

Hybrid Cloud Technology

The Ubiquiti® hybrid cloud configuration provides a secure, private SSO (Single Sign-On) to access all of your UniFi deployments from anywhere in the world. With the Ubiquiti hybrid cloud, a third-party hosted cloud service is not required, so all of your personal data and network information remains local and secure–the way it should be.

Incredible, Agile Scalability
Add, provision, configure, monitor, and manage all of your UniFi devices, whether in one or thousands of private networks–all from a central control plane. Easily accessible through any standard web browser, the UniFi Cloud Key is a powerful solution for managing your UniFi networks across the campus or across the globe.

UniFi Controller with Hybrid Cloud

See the video transcription below.

At only 120mm in length, this compact unit makes the most of advanced hybrid technology at an affordable price, making it the leading software controller on the current market. Single Sign-On allows a safe and secure local instance of the UniFi controller software, which can be used remotely- perfect if you have to manage and configure multiple UniFi APs across several deployment sites.

Firstly, the box alone is worth mentioning. For a cost effective unit, it comes in a simplistic, yet elegant and robust casing. Inside, you have a quick start guide, the Cloud Key itself, a network cable, and an 8 gigabyte MicroSD card.

The appealing aspect of no licensing or maintenance fees for the Cloud Key allows for a straightforward and instant setup- simply connect the UC-CK to an  802.3 af P.O.E compatible switch and run the UniFi Controller Wizard to get started. Alternatively, you can power this, using an optional MicroUSB power cable. The MicroSD slot can be used for backing up the UniFi Controller database and configuration.

Once you have set up your Cloud Key, you’ll be able to access the settings through any standard web browser or mobile device. Once connected, you will find two management interfaces on a single IP address – the UniFi Controller installation and the management of the Cloud Key firmware itself. Both interfaces are on a secure HTTPS connection and use DHCP to get online. Since the UC-CK is ultra-low energy, there’s virtually no carbon footprint in powering the Cloud Key, meaning that you can make the most of your devices and still be environmentally friendly.

To wrap things up, prominent features of the Cloud Key, such as the compact size, the control and flexibility of the Single Sign-On feature, and the affordable cost, are perfect for network administrators managing several sites -such as campuses, park and construction sites.

Visit to buy your Cloud Key today to experience the best of local and cloud management.

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