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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent

Ubiquiti UniFi AP Outdoor+ Video Review and Unboxing – 4G TV

This week on 4G TV we look at the Ubiquiti UAP Outdoor+, an access point designed for the outdoors that offers speeds of up to 300Mbps at a range of up to 600ft.

Watch the video above as we unbox and review Ubiquiti’s Outdoor+ this week on 4G TV.

Ubiquiti UAP Outdoor+ Review – Transcript

Alexis Argent: 

Hello and welcome to 4G TV, 4Gon’s dedicated product reviews channel. I’m Alexis Argent the founder of 4Gon and our sister company VoIPon, and today we’re taking a look at the brand new Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor+ Access Point. The Outdoor+ is the upgraded version of Ubiquiti’s Outdoor2 model. Like the Outdoor2, the Outdoor+ operates in the 2.4GHz band and has many similar features, but benefits from the addition of the brand new Multi-Lane RF technology which increases throughput, especially in highiinterference environments.

In the box, you’ll find everything you need, including the UniFi Outdoor+ unit itself, a PoE adapter, power cable, mounting kit with screws, and product documentation along with two antennas. The Outdoor+ is a similar size the older Outdoor2, but much smaller than another of Ubiquiti’s new models the UniFi Outdoor-AC. This is important to consider if the equipment needs to be less conspicuous for any reason. As you can see with the UAP Outdoor+, Ubiquiti is continuing to improve the design and appearance of it’s APs, moving from a more rounded to an angular look, which we first noticed with the release of the UAP-AC indoor earlier this year. 

As the name suggests, The UniFi Outdoor+ is ideal for outdoor deployments, due to features including; 802.11 b/g/n WiFi standards, 2.4 GHz (which maintains speeds of up to 300Mbps even at a range of 600ft) and Multi-Lane RF technology. It’s this last new feature, a first for Ubiquiti products, which could make all the difference. Ubiquiti have stated the Outdoor+ provides more than double the throughput of competing solutions in environments with high interference – which are becoming more and more common. Multi-Lane RF technology works by isolating signals and rejecting the RF interference you get in noisy, high-density areas. So even if there are radios right next to the Outdoor+ unit, you’ll see no degradation of it’s performance, meaning you can support 100 concurrent users at speeds of 300Mbps.

The UAP Outdoor+ is currently the only model in the UniFi range with Multi-Lane RF Technology. Ubiquiti’s other outdoor models are the Outdoor-AC , with Dual band performance according to the upcoming AC standard. And the Outdoor5 and Outdoor2, which both feature two external antennas and a secondary Ethernet port. If you’d like to compare more of the specs of the various UAP models, you can do this easily using the product comparison table we’ve created, which you can find by clicking the link on screen. As you’d expect the outdoor models have quite different specifications to the UniFi Indoor series which includes the UniFi AP, UniFi Long Range, UniFi Pro and UniFi AC. With the main difference being range, coming equipped with an external antenna, the Outdoor+ can reach up to 600ft.

After thoroughly reviewing the Ubiquiti UniFi Outdoor+, we’ve given it a 4Gon Rating of 8 / 10. It offers an improvement on the UAP Outdoor2, with the addition of Multi-Lane RF technology to cut out interference proving a major benefit. If there was one area where it could be improved even further, we’d like to see it feature dual-band technology, as does the Outdoor AC. Because whilst the Outdoor + is fast, this would make it even faster.

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