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Published on June 4th, 2015 | by Jack Eagle


Ubiquiti Serves WiFi to Two Thirds of The UK’s Military Personnel

Ubiquiti UniFi products provide high-speed Internet to more than 65% of the UK’s Armed Forces, both in the UK and Germany. The pervasive availability of UniFi allow military service personnel to roam bases with the same Internet subscription. UniFi’s cloud-based controller enables easy remote management and limited on-site involvement for troubleshooting and support.

A Unique Deployment

Wifinity is the largest supplier of recreational Internet to military locations in the United Kingdom and Germany, currently covering 68 military barracks and over 100 individual Regiments and Units serving 41,000 bed spaces. Wifinity has been working with the military to supply a flexible and credible Internet service for many years, with security-trained personnel and extended support for the unique requirements of a government institution.

Network Requirements

Previous to installing UniFi, many military service personnel were only able to access the Internet by going to a specific on-site suite with WiFi set up. The military wanted to allow soldiers to access the Internet more ubiquitously for recreational use, including use of Internet telephony services, viewing of on-demand TV channels, and connecting video game consoles like the Playstation or Xbox to the Internet for collaborative play.

The UniFi Solution

Wifinity used a Ubiquiti network and installed the UniFi system in a number of barracks throughout the UK and Germany to expand Internet service. The system performed so well that word of mouth spread quickly and Wifinity has scaled the system to more than 65% of the Ministry of Defence’s residential quarters.

Ubiquiti products have allowed us to build an excellent, standardized Internet network for the British Armed Forces” said Mark Parry, Joint Managing Director, Wifinity UK

Because Internet access is campus wide, military personnel can connect anywhere on the site instead of waiting until they are back in their room. Wifinity uses the same account system across all sites; Internet can be used at any barracks and is extremely portable and well-suited to a soldier’s mobile lifestyle.

The installation contains the following Ubiquiti products:

Ubiquiti products have allowed us to build an excellent, standardized Internet network for the British Armed Forces, which has been fully compliant with MOD Installation Standards and is very quick and relatively easy to install with scale across multiple military barracks,” said Mark Parry, joint managing director at Wifinity UK. “UniFi’s cloud controller was a key factor in our decision to use the system; it enables us to manage multiple deployments remotely and limits the need for on-site support.”

UniFi Offers Flexibility in Emergency Situations

While the 2012 Summer Olympics were taking place in London, security firm G4S was unable to provide the requisite number of security guards to man the event, failing on their contract and leading to 3,500 military personnel being drafted to fill in as support. The soldiers were housed in areas such as shopping centers and stadiums in camps, and in 10 days Wifinity was able to quickly install a UniFi network infrastructure to provide easy WiFi access to the soldiers at the last minute.

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