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Manufacturer News Ubiquiti UFiber

Published on August 1st, 2017 | by David Frith


Ubiquiti Networks Launches Plug and Play UFiber GPON Platform

UFiber makes it easier than ever for internet service providers to build high-speed fiber networks and manage them efficiently

Ubiquiti have announced the UFiber GPON Platform consisting of the UFiber OLT and the UFiber Nano G Optical Network Unit (ONU). The UFiber Platform is designed to enable internet service providers (ISPs) to quickly build high-speed fiber internet networks for many users and over long distances. The plug and play solution significantly reduces the time it takes to get a network up and running and makes it easy to manage a network through the free Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS). Both the UFiber OLT and Nano G are low power solutions, helping to save energy and reduce operating costs.

With UFiber, we are bringing plug and play setup to the fiber market – just like we did in the fixed wireless broadband market with the AirMax platform,” said Ben Moore, vice president of business development at Ubiquiti. “This is a game changer for ISP entrepreneurs who can now set up fiber networks more efficiently than ever before to compete in this fast-growing market. UFiber not only reduces installation time, but it also makes it easy to control and maintain a network through the Ubiquiti Network Management System.

UFiber Nano G Optical Network Unit
The UFiber Nano G is a high-performance, low-power ONU that features an informational LED display and a sleek, sophisticated industrial design. The easy-to-read display provides instant status information without the need to connect a laptop, such as IP address, signal strength, and current throughput. The wall-mountable Nano G is powered by 24V passive PoE – a single cable to carry both power and data.

UFiber OLT
The UFiber OLT distributes high-speed fiber internet to the Nano G units. It has eight ports that each can handle 128 UFiber Nano Gs, supporting a total of 1024 units. Each port provides fast speeds of 2.488 Gbps downstream and 1.244 Gbps upstream. The maximum supported length of the fiber is 20 km through affordable optic cables that have a long lifespan. UFiber OLT is a plug and play solution that works as soon as the cables are plugged in.

Ubiquiti Network Management Software
The UNMS is a free web-based controller for UFiber OLTs and their Nano G clients. It features an intuitive, graphical web interface and allows users to quickly configure, deploy, monitor, upgrade, and backup UFiber devices. The Linux-based management platform provides graphical reports for efficient monitoring and troubleshooting. The UNMS doesn’t require any licensing or usage fees, making it an affordable solution to deploy.

Additional Information and Resources
More information and resources on the UFiber Platform can be found on the Ubiquiti homepage at

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