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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


Ubiquiti Networks Announces Next Generation Infrastructure For Fixed Wireless Broadband Market

Ubiquiti airFiber 5

New products and Ubiquiti World Network enable wireless Internet service providers to address high growth $5.9B market opportunity

Ubiquiti Networks have introduced its next-generation airMAX, airFiber and EdgeMAX products, which will enable wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) to provide broadband Internet access to millions of homes and businesses—many for the first time. Ubiquiti also announced the beta release of the Ubiquiti World Network, an alliance of WISPs that will help incite even greater growth for fixed wireless broadband. The announcements were made at WISPAPALOOZA 2013 held last week in Las Vegas.

With Ubiquiti’s next-gen product line up and Ubiquiti World Network, WISPs will be able to leverage the company’s fixed wireless access technologies to grow their capacity, reach previously inaccessible geographies, provide competitive service packages, and reduce installation time.

We believe fixed wireless access technology is among the most cost effective and capital-efficient ways to bring Internet connectivity to underserved communities around the world,” said Robert J. Pera, CEO at Ubiquiti Networks. “With our next-generation infrastructure platform, our WISP customers can tap into a large, high growth market that is uniquely positioned to help close the digital divide and create greater social equality.”

In a recent study conducted by research firm IDC, Fixed Wireless Access: Global and Regional Market Opportunity, it was estimated that fixed wireless access is growing at 21.8% CAGR through 2017, making it one of the fastest-growing broadband access technologies and the most viable alternative to cable, DSL, fiber and satellite. This growth represents a projected $5.9B service revenue opportunity for service providers in 2014.

Ubiquiti’s innovative technology and disruptive pricing combine to make fixed wireless broadband an increasingly attractive technology for Internet connectivity. Fixed wireless connections have a rapid ROI for operators, do not require ‘last mile’ trenching or cabling, and can be deployed in areas with limited infrastructure.

Ubiquiti’s latest cutting-edge advancements include:

  • airMAX NanoBeam CPE family
    • Based on airMAX TDMA protocol
    • Excellent noise immunity
    • Innovative mechanical design for rapid deployment
    • 2 different form factors for deployment flexibility
    • Dish reflector design
      • InnerFeed Technology improves performance
      • 3 models; 2.4GHz 400mm, 5GHz 400mm, 5GHz 300mm
    • All-in-One design
      • Compact form factor with integrated antenna and radio
    • Uniform beamwidth, more efficient footprint, faster processor
    • 2 models; 5GHz 16dB1, 5GHz 19dBi
  • airFiber 5 high performance point-to-point wireless backhaul platform
    • Latest member of groundbreaking airFiber family operates in unlicensed 5 GHz band
    • High performance point-to-point wireless for both carrier backhauls and building-to-building enterprises
    • High performance 1.0+ Gbps aggregate throughput
    • Innovative xRT (eXtended Range Technology) provides range of 100+km
    • Disruptively priced at $2,000 per link
    • Rapid deployment with Radio Alignment Display and innovative cradle mounting system
    • Builds on proven airFiber technologies: FDD, TDD, HDD, separate TX/RX antennas
  • EdgeMAX routing and switching platform for the network edge
    • Two models: EdgeRouter / EdgeRouter Pro
    • 8 port, rack mountable Ethernet switch
    • EdgeRouter Pro comes with two SFP ports
    • 2 million packet per second throughput

All products will be available from 4Gon Solutions and are currently expected to ship in calendar Q4 2013.

Introducing the Ubiquiti World Network

In the recent ‘State of Broadband Connectivity’ survey conducted by Research Now and commissioned by Ubiquiti, it was estimated that 61% of US citizens in rural areas believe there aren’t enough broadband providers in their area that offer wide enough variety of choices for competitive services and price performance. The report also points to a lack of awareness among subscribers of emerging alternatives, such as fixed wireless, which only 19% recognize as an option. While there are thousands of WISPs in the US and tens of thousands globally, many providers are local/regional and lack the brand awareness of larger, national providers.

To address these specific findings, Ubiquiti has unveiled the Ubiquiti World Network (beta), a global alliance of individual wireless Internet service providers working toward a single vision that leverages a unified technology platform, sales and marketing assets, advertising, and political advocacy to help foster growth and innovation among WISPs. During the beta phase, WISPs will be able to join the Ubiquiti World Network, describe their service plans and geographical coverage, and access co-branded marketing tools developed by Ubiquiti. Consumers will be invited to use the Ubiquiti World Network to more easily discover wireless broadband providers in their area.

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