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Published on March 7th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


Ubiquiti Networks’ airFiber Customers Demonstrate Unprecedented Wireline Performance in the 24 GHz Spectrum

Ubiquiti Networks have announced that its innovative airFiber point-to-point wireless technology is being used in customer deployments on six continents and scaling far beyond the perceived limitations of the 24 GHz spectrum. Ubiquiti airFiber 24 GHz Point-to-Point radio

The Point-to-Point wireless solution airFiber has been deployed worldwide in many diverse environments. These include Alaska, Australia, Brazil, Mongolia, Pakistan, Siberia, Spain and Tanzania. airFiber customers are installing single-hop links at distances of more than 20 kilometers and multi-hop links extending well beyond 70 kilometers in some of the harshest conditions in the world, taking advantage of best-in-class throughput and very low latency. 

airFiber brings several technology innovations to the wireless data marketplace, including Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD), a proprietary protocol developed to maximize throughput and minimize latency for longhaul wireless networks. These systems also employ Ubiquiti’s robust dynamic coding algorithms to combat the challenges posed by rain fade in the 24 GHz spectrum. Designed using a combination of industrial- and military-grade components, airFiber delivers greater than 1.4 Gbps throughput and latencies on the order of 200 microseconds at a value price.

airFiber has been an invaluable asset to our network expansion. The new airFiber link far outperforms our existing licensed radio solutions,” said Ross Palmer, Managing Director at FastCom Ireland, which deployed airFiber beside a 200 Mbps licensed radio link for extra network capacity.

The innovations in airFiber completely debunk the perceived limitations of 24 GHz systems,” said Robert J. Pera, CEO at Ubiquiti Networks. “Our customer deployments prove that it’s possible to combine gigabit performance, long distance, weather resilience and a disruptive price in a single system design.”

Designed from the ground up by Ubiquiti’s in-house R&D engineering team, airFiber contains a number of patent-pending technologies. From the custom silicon-integrated circuit implementation to the unique RF design and the easy-to-install one-piece split-antenna architecture, airFiber was created to deliver superior throughput and efficiency for applications like high-performance backhaul and building-to-building wireless at a disruptive price.

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