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Published on December 15th, 2015 | by Craig Herrett


Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.3.0

The New Ubiquiti EdgeMAX software version v1.3.0 is now available for EdgeSwitch products (all current models ES-48-750W, ES-48-500W, ES-48-Lite, ES-24-500W, ES-24-250W, ES-24-Lite, and ES-16-150W).

This release adds a “Basic” tab in the Web UI for more commonly used features to simplify the basic UI workflow, support for direct VLAN “trunk” port configuration, and other enhancements/fixes, most of which are based on feedback, bug reports, etc. This release adds quite a few new features and enhancements, including hardware offload support for VLANs, a basic “setup wizard” in the Web UI, RADIUS-based rate limiting for PPPoE server.

Configuration settings:

  • WAN connection (supports DHCP, static IP, or PPPoE)
  • NAT masquerade for WAN interface
  • Default firewall for WAN interface (only allow established and related traffic for both “local” and “in” traffic)
  • (EdgeRouter PoE only) Configure eth2/3/4 to be “switched” for the LAN
  • DHCP server for LAN subnets
  • DNS forwarding for LAN subnets
  • TCP MSS clamping if WAN is PPPoE

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