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Published on July 2nd, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter PoE, airMAX airGateway and airGrid M HP Coming Soon to 4Gon Solutions

The Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter PoE, airMAX airGateway and airGrid M series are all coming soon to 4Gon! 

Ubiquiti Products Coming Soon

EdgeMAX EdgeRouter PoE

This is the bigger brother of the EdgeMAX Router Lite, coming equipped with additional ports and PoE. With 5 ports, this is the newest addition to the EdgeMAX platform. The EdgeRouter PoE combines one million packet-per-second routing, high-performance hardware-based switching, and PoE into an affordable and compact 5-port product. Powered by the feature-rich EdgeOS, EdgeRouter PoE is a versatile solution for any network.

EdgeRouter PoE 5-PortEdge Router PoE 5-Port Top / Side


airMAX airGateway

The airGateway is an easy, affordable way to extend airMAX CPE deployments with indoor Wi-Fi. The airGateway’s interlocking design and PoE passthrough make it a flexible and convenient option for airMAX users.

The airGateway supports multiple functions such as
• Acting as an indoor wireless device connecting multiple wireless clients
• Connecting to a switch to support wired clients
• Powering an airMAX CPE

airGateway - Ports

airGateway - Sides

airMAX airGrid M

The airGrid M provides incredible price/performance for airMAX CPE applications. Utilizing InnerFeed technology, the new airGrid M Series from Ubiquiti represents the latest evolution of outdoor wireless broadband devices. The revolutionary InnerFeed technology integrates the entire radio system into the feedhorn of the antenna. airGrid M combines Ubiquiti’s InnerFeed and airMAX (TDMA protocol) technologies to create a simple, yet extremely powerful and robust wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).

Complete antenna and radio system integration provides affordablecost/performance solutions to the wireless broadband industry. airGrid M operates in the worldwide, license-free frequency range of either 2 GHz or 5 GHz, and features breakthrough performance up to 100+ Mbps in real outdoor throughput and incredible range up to 30+ km.

airGrid M2 HP

airGrid M5 HP

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