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Published on October 17th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


Ubiquiti Announce Ground Breaking New Products at WISPAPALOOZA 2013

Ubiquiti have announced a selection of revolutionary new products at WISPAPALOOZA 2013.

Speaking at WISPAPALOOZA 2013 from Las Vegas, Robert. J. Pera, founder and CEO of Ubiquiti Networks, unveiled new products in their most important announcement of the year. The first product line announced was the Ubiquiti NanoBeam M5:


Building on the foundations set by the NanoStation, Ubiquiti have returned with the NanoBeam M5 which features a newly designed mounting system and greater wireless performance. The unit is wall and pole mountable, utilising a ball and socket mechanism to allow 3 axis freedom. The casing has a 100% sonically welded seal which makes it optimal for weatherproof performance.

The NanoBeam M will be available in 16, 19, 22 and 25dBi versions. 

Next up to be revealed was the Ubiquiti airFiber 5.


This new flavour of airFiber boasts a throughput of 1Gbps+ at 5GHz  over a 100Km+ range. It is full duplex operating on the 50MHz channel and features a brand new alignment user interface to make setup even easier. Offering incredible speeds and range at an extremely industry disruptive price point, the airFiber 5 is definitely a product to watch.

Finally Ubiquiti described their brand new airPrism technology, a fully tuneable active filter, which promises to reduce interference.  The first product that will utilise this is the new UniFi Outdoor+ Access Point. 

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2 Responses to Ubiquiti Announce Ground Breaking New Products at WISPAPALOOZA 2013

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  2. Trip-OUt says:

    I have to say…I was at this launch and Ubiquiti went all out. Free food, free drinks, lots of speculation on what they will be launching next. To hear the crowd gasp and cheer when the price point for the AirFibre5 was show was amazing.

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