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Published on February 24th, 2015 | by David Frith

Ubiquiti airMAX Omni Video Review / Unboxing

This week on 4G TV we look at the Ubiquiti airMAX Omni Video Review / Unboxing, a brand new Point-to-Point solution from Ubiquiti.

Watch the video above as we unbox and review the Ubiquiti airMAX Omni.

Ubiquiti airMAX Omni Review – Transcript


Hello and welcome to 4G TV, 4Gon Solutions’ product review channel.

I’m Alex Miller, part of the technical sales team at 4Gon Solutions and our sister company VoIPon, both leading distributors of communications equipment and serving customers worldwide.

Today we’re going to look at airMAX Omni antennas, large outdoor antennas designed for use with Ubiquiti Rocket hardware.

So let’s get started.

The airMAX Omni 2G 13 comes complete with:

  • The antenna,
  • Weatherproof RF jumpers,
  • Pole mount,
  • Rocket M bracket,
  • Mounting hardware,
  • And documentation.

This airMAX omni antenna is capable of delivering carrier class performance across long distances, with 360 degree coverage.

The AMO 2G 13, which we have here, has features that include:

  • 13 dBi gain for high speed data transfer over long distances,
  • 2.4GHz operation to ensure compatibility with most wireless networking devices,
  • 360 degree operation for unparalleled flexibility and convenience,
  • and it utilises airMAX technology for intelligent management of your devices.

Connecting a Rocket M device to the airMAX omni creates a powerful omnidirectional basestation. The weatherproof casing and wind survivability of up to 125 mile per hour will ensure you stay connected even in harsh environments.

Omni antennas that operate on the 5 GHz band for greater speed are also available. The AMO 5G10 and 5G13 both use this frequency, whereas the AMO 2G10 and 2G13 both operate at 2.4GHz.

After reviewing the airMAX omni antenna, we’ve given it a 4Gon Rating of eight out of ten.

This antenna from Ubiquiti is perfect for users who wish to increase the power of Rocket devices. While Ubiquiti omni antennas are typically less powerful than sector antennas, an airMAX omni offers 360 degree connectivity for flexibility and convenience.

So that was our review of the airMAX omni antenna.

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Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time on 4G TV.

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