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Published on June 18th, 2015 | by Jack Eagle


Ubiquiti airFiber Series Review

The Ubiquiti airFiber range has a revolutionary price to performance ratio for point-to-point links. Ubiquiti airFiber brings outstanding performance at an unbelievable price.

This entry will discuss the airFiber range models which are available as a single unit to connect to a previously purchased unit of the same type and model, or as a complete link to connect in the same way.

Ubiquiti airFiber 24

The Ubiquiti airFiber 24 is a truly revolutionary 24 GHz Point-to-Point radio. The Ubiquiti AF-24 is housed in a compact, highly efficient form factor, enabling it to deliver revolutionary performance of  1.4+ Gbps, with an aggregate throughput and 13+ km in range. The airFiber ushers in a new era in price-disruptive, carrier-class backhaul technology. Featuring a dual-independent 2×2 MIMO 24GHz hi-gain reflector antenna system, the  Ubiquiti airFiber 24 can operate in both FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and HDD (Hybrid Division Duplex) modes for unparalleled speed and spectral efficiency in the 24GHz worldwide license-free band.

Ubiquiti airFiber 24HD

The Ubiquiti airFiber 24HD is a revolutionary 24 GHz Point-to-Point radio. Housed in a compact, highly efficient form factor, the AF-24HD model supports the dense modulation rates, up to 256QAM, that are required for high data rates, up to 2 Gbps at a range of 20+km. An independent lab has tested the airFiber 24HD’s mechanical assembly to meet MIL-STD-810G, a rigorous United States MIL-STD (Military Standard) that defines a variety of challenging environmental conditions. The mechanical assembly has also undergone vibration testing using an extended version of IEC 60068-2-6, an environmental standard of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

Ubiquiti airFiber 5

The Ubiquiti airFiber 5 offers 5GHz frequency with a 100Km+ range at incredible 1Gbps+ speeds. The AF5 takes advantage of popular worldwide mid-band frequencies. The Ubiquiti airFiber AF5 has a brand new alignment user interface with features such as modulation rate display and local / remote unit RSSI.

Ubiquiti airFiber 5U

The Ubiquiti airFiber 5U uses the 5.9 and 6.0GHz frequencies. The AF5U has a range of up to 100Km+ at an incredible 1Gbps+ speed. The AirFiber 5U can operate in the 5.7 – 6.2 GHz bands, enabling co-location with devices operating in the lower 5 GHz bands. The airFiber 5U features a brand new alignment user interface which has attributes including modulation rate display and local / remote unit RSSI.

Ubiquiti airFiber 5X

The Ubiquiti airFiber AF-5X is designed for long-range, Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul links. It features the highest TDD throughput available and proprietary HDD for ultra-low latency. The AF-5X features industry-leading 10.6 bps/Hz spectral efficiency, covering the entire 5 GHz spectrum with one radio, and delivering up to 500+ Mbps real throughput and 200+ km range. The AF-5X covers the entire,license-free, 5 GHz spectrum and includes DFS approval. Anyone around the world can deploy and operate the AF-5X in the 5 GHz range practically anywhere they choose (subject to local country regulations).


The airFiber range available as a complete link or a single unit. You must have two units of your preferred model to provide connectivity to both sites. We recommend you upgrade device firmware to the latest version, which improves performance and fixes known issues for the Ubiquiti airFiber. To compare the different models in the airFiber range, see our comparison chart.

Compare Ubiquiti airFiber

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