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Published on September 12th, 2011 | by Alexis Argent


The District Hospital (KKH) Erding Dorfen Clinic Prescribes Aerohive’s Wireless Connectivity for Medical Staff

Sunnyvale, Calif. —September 7, 2011 — Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking, and ICT partner tetranet construction GmbH, have been selected by The District Hospital (KKH) Erding Dorfen Clinic in Germany, to provide its mission-critical wireless network.

The WLAN will deliver connectivity throughout the Clinic’s two hospitals, enabling medical staff to access diagnostic applications and patient records from the bedside, improving the speed and precision of diagnosis and treatment.

News Facts

  • The District Hospital (KKH) Erding Dorfen consists of two hospitals. Erding is the academic teaching hospital for the Technical University of Munich; spread over five floors and complete with helipad, it provides emergency and complex surgical procedures.  Dorfen specialises in internal medicine and minor surgery, as well as GP services.
  • The speed at which medical staff can diagnose, refer and treat patients is critical.  Providing real-time access, from the ward or in surgery, to data such as x-rays, scans and blood test results, allows medics to make fast, accurate decisions, and immediately discuss treatment plans with the patient. Improving efficiency can also, in the longer term, contribute to reducing waiting lists and increase the availability of GPs.
  • KKH Erding Dorfen set about provisioning a wireless network that would support the immediate needs of medical staff, and which would easily scale, in the future, to become the primary network for administrative staff, consultants, and patients.  All this, with minimal disruption to the IT department’s day-to-day operational load.
  • Having reviewed three WLAN vendors, including controller-based solutions from Extricom and Aruba, KKH Erding Dorfen selected Aerohive’s controller-less architecture.  During trials, Aerohive’s WLAN demonstrated seamless roaming and high quality of service, whilst its ease of deployment, manageability and scalability were compelling features. Aerohive’s Cooperative Control, a unique protocol that enables APs to manage client connectivity and dynamically create mesh networks in case of failover, was also a key advantage.

Within four weeks, the WLAN had been implemented into both hospitals. Centrally managed with Aerohive’s network management appliance, HiveManager, KKH Erding Dorfen’s IT department can easily configure and monitor network performance, and quickly remediate any client-network connectivity issues.


“Wireless connectivity is essential to the provision of high quality healthcare,” comments Ralf Sandner, IT manager for KKH Erding Dorfen. “The ability for medical staff to access patient information from their bedside, and apply immediate diagnosis and treatment, adds considerably to the productivity and efficiency of both hospitals.

“During the tender process, it was quickly apparent that Aerohive’s controller-less solution has the greatest resilience and failover in the market.

“Furthermore, the intuitive HiveAPs eliminate the need for a controller, ensuring that when we want to scale or increase the density of the network, we can do so without cost or technical constraints.”

“The experience is seamless, intuitive and puts little demand on operational resources. Value-add features such as QoS and per-AP licensing, give us the confidence that we’ve built a wireless network for the future,” concluded Sandner.

About Kreiskrankenhaus Erding

The District Hospital Erding Dorfen is a hospital for upper primary health care with 367 beds.The Hospital Erding is located in a rural area on the south western outskirts of Erding. Clinic Dorfen provides the basic and standard care in internal medicine.

Erding is located around 45 kilometers north east of central Munich near the Munich Airport. Dorfen is situated 18 km east of Erding

All medical procedures which cannot be realized in Clinic Dorfen, will be carried out in close cooperation with the Hospital Erding. Since September 2008, the Hospital Erding is an academic teaching hospital of the Technical University Munich (TUM).

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