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Published on July 26th, 2016 | by Max Argent


Redline Communications Announces Enhanced Network Performance with Latest RDL-3000 Software Release

Redline Communications has announced the availability of its latest software release v3.3 for its RDL-3000 line of wireless networking products.

The RDL-3000 is used to build wide-area wireless networks that support a range of applications from video surveillance to internet access to the Internet of Things (IoT). This software release brings enhancements that improve system performance in several ways.

The RDL-3000’s advanced traffic management system has undergone several changes that increase usable throughput, allowing network owners to add up to 720 remote units to a 6-sector base station.

Throughput performance experienced by users is enhanced in this release as Redline has updated its already impressive throughput efficiency. The RDL-3000 now delivers more than 90% of maximum data capacity directly to users of the network, improving the user experience.

Also included in this release is improved support for the increasingly diverse types of traffic running over a single network. An increase in packet processing speed to 297,000 Packets Per Second (PPS) means that overall data throughput of the network will remain largely unaffected by increases in levels of small packet traffic such as that produced by machine-to-machine (IoT) communications. This release also adds support for more wireless profiles, giving operators the ability to tune network performance to support an ever-changing mix of upload-centric, download-centric or balanced communication services.

We take great pride in enhancing our products in ways that directly benefit our customers,” said Rod Cronin, Redline’s vice president of product management. “This release brings more value for the same dollar investment as it supports increased system capacity and enhances the network user’s experience.

A summary of key performance enhancements in Release v3.3:

  • Faster layer 2 data rates enhance the user experience
  • Support for more remote users per base station allows more coverage on the same network backbone
  • Increased packets per second performance enables high-performing mixed use networks
  • Additional wireless profiles allow operators to optimize capacity across multiple concurrent network uses
  • Version 3.3 will come standard on all new RDL-3000 radio platforms, which are available in 470-698/2000-2300/2300-2700/3300-3800/4940-5875 MHz bands with industry-leading 10 channel sizes. Version 3.3 software is available as an over-the-air software update for all existing XP installations.

For more information on the RDL-3000 Version 3.3, register for Redline expert Duval Yeager’s webinar on August 4, 2016 at 2 pm eastern, to hear more about what this can mean for your business.

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