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Published on March 4th, 2014 | by Alexis Argent


RADWIN’S Small Cell NLOS Backhaul Solution Deployed By Major Tier-1 Carrier

RADWIN, the global leader in sub-6 GHz wireless broadband, today announced that a major Tier-1 carrier has started deployment of its Small Cell Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Backhaul Solutions. RADWIN’s Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solutions are being deployed following extensive validation of system performance in extreme NLOS conditions at street level scenarios. RADWIN’s solutions delivered the highest performance and throughput as compared to other systems evaluated.

“RADWIN has created a disruptive breakthrough with its small cell NLOS backhaul portfolio,” stated Adi Nativ, RADWIN’s Vice President of Global Business Development. “RADWIN’s solutions deliver unmatched performance and are built for mass commercial rollouts of small cell networks. The solutions operate in metro zones and very challenging NLOS environments. Today RADWIN provides the most advanced and mature portfolio for NLOS small cell backhaul. We are cooperating with the leading industry players in the small cell ecosystem and Tier-1 mobile carriers to create an end-to-end solution to drive the evolution of the small cell market.”

RADWIN delivers a complete portfolio of PtP and PtMP solutions for small cell NLOS backhaul in licensed and unlicensed sub-6 GHz bands. RADWIN’s portfolio delivers advanced NLOS Planning & Operational tools (including a unique Site Survey Kit) that simplify NLOS backhaul installations and reduce small cell deployment costs.

At Mobile World Congress RADWIN will introduce its enhanced Small Cell NLOS Backhaul Portfolio. The enhanced portfolio is set to deliver throughput of over 500 and will incorporate the most innovative technologies including Beam Forming antenna, Carrier aggregation and MIMO 3×3 Mbps in order to address the challenges facing carriers who are deploying NLOS backhaul.

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