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Published on December 14th, 2016 | by Jack Eagle


RADWIN Video Surveillance Network boosts safety for Police in Namibia

RADWIN have announced that the Windhoek City Police in Namibia have built a state-of-the-art wireless video surveillance network leveraging RADWIN’s wireless broadband access solutions. RADWIN’s Point-to-MultiPoint and Point-to-Point systems were installed in dozens of crime hot-spots throughout the city. The systems transmit high quality video from camera sites directly to police headquarters, enabling on-the-spot detection and response to events. Rampoint Communications, a leading turnkey solutions provider, was responsible for project design and implementation.

Initially we used a Wi-Fi-based solution for CCTV transmission, but decided to upgrade our legacy network because it didn’t meet requirements for high-capacity transmission and our safety and performance standards.” said Cillie Auala, Spokesperson, Windhoek City Police. “Now that we’re using RADWIN’s systems, we’re getting highest video transmission quality with zero video pixilation and low jitter, which is vital for our mission-critical operations.”

RADWIN and Rampoint Communications are excited to play a key role in the establishment of this vital surveillance network for the Windhoek City Police.” said Peter Turvey, RADWIN GM Africa. “Today the City’s Police Forces and First Responders can monitor and immediately address unfolding situations in real-time and also use high-definition video surveillance footage, enhancing the safety of citizens in Windhoek.”

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