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Published on October 16th, 2015 | by Alexis Argent


RADWIN Radios Boost Capacity & Coverage for City of Temple in Texas, U.S.

Brandon Harris, City of Temple IT: “JET Beamforming radios overcome major interference and operate flawlessly in nLOS. We are wowed with the results!”

RADWIN have announced that the City of Temple in Texas, U.S. has implemented the RADWIN 5000 JET Point-to-MultiPoint Beamforming radios to connect city departments and provide high-speed Internet connectivity and IP access traffic. JTS, a leading turnkey solution provider and RADWIN’s certified partner, was in charge of project design and implementation.

Brandon Harris, Assistant Director of IT, City of Temple: “Prior to RADWIN we were using Point-to-MultiPoint equipment that provided low bandwidth – 2-5 Mbps throughput max – and the connections were intermittent. With RADWIN JET radios we’ve thoroughly improved network throughput and reliability – we’re getting upwards of 10 times more capacity and coverage than ever before!”

Jim Johnston, CEO, JTS: “We recommended RADWIN’s JET Beamforming radios as the best solution to fulfill the city’s requirements from the get-go. The previous systems that the city had been using were dependent on clear line-of-sight, whereas RADWIN’s JET radios operate flawlessly even when line-of-sight is obstructed. The JET radios were also extremely simple to install and configure and they overcome the heavy interference in the city’s downtown area.”

Dennis Stipati, General Manager, North America, RADWIN: “The City of Temple is achieving tangible benefits thanks to RADWIN JET; a rock-stable connection and much faster Internet speeds are enabling the municipality to streamline work processes and enhance efficiency. RADWIN JET encapsulates the industry’s leading technologies – from Smart Beamforming antennas to a unique air-interface. This allows JET to operate in the toughest conditions for wireless and deliver incomparable throughput to support bandwidth-demanding applications.

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