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Published on June 7th, 2016 | by Max Argent


RADWIN Demonstrates Over 500 Mbps Connectivity in New Train-to-Ground Solution

Technology Breakthrough Enables Multiple Broadband Applications such as High-Speed Wi-Fi for Passengers & High Definition CCTV Onboard Trains

RADWIN have announced the launch of their new generation train-to-ground solution capable of delivering unparalleled throughput of over 500 Mbps per train. RADWIN’s latest solution sets a new standard for the transportation industry. Rail and metro operators can use RADWIN’s solution to build a dedicated broadband network for their rolling stock to support multiple onboard services such as high-speed Wi-Fi for passengers, multimedia infotainment and HD CCTV.

FiberinMotion Train-to-Ground Solution Highlights:

  • High capacity – 500Mbps per base station or mobile unit
  • Extensive coverage – up to 1 km underground / 5 Km above ground
  • Supporting train speeds of up to 350 KMH/220MPH
  • Seamless handover
  • Multi-band radio operating in 4.9 to 6.0 GHz
  • Complies with strict railways standards including EN50155, EN61373, EN50121 and IEC 60571

Nir Hayzler, RADWIN’s VP Marketing and Head of its Transportation Business: “We see a growing demand for onboard broadband services in the rail and metro segment. At the same time, these operators face technological barriers of supporting such services on-the-move. In a travel sector that is becoming increasingly competitive, our breakthrough train-to-ground solution is empowering transit authorities to exceed commuters’ expectations and provide a new type of experience whereby passengers can enjoy true broadband services such as video streaming. Our expertise coupled with our global installed base of train-to-ground deployments, position RADWIN as the leader of communications solutions in the transportation space.

RADWIN will be presenting its solutions at the TrainComms Wi-Fi on Trains Conference in London on June 8-9.

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