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Published on September 29th, 2016 | by Max Argent


RADWIN and MaximaTelecom Demonstrate 500 Mbps Throughput Onboard Moscow Metro Trains

RADWIN and MaximaTelecom – operator of the largest worldwide Wi-Fi network onboard Moscow Metro – have announced results of RADWIN’s recently-launched Next Generation Train-to-Ground solution. RADWIN’s new platform delivered 500 Mbps actual Ethernet throughput onboard Moscow Metro Line 11 (Kakhovskaya), setting a new benchmark in the industry.

The Wi-Fi network deployed by MaximaTelecom and RADWIN in the Moscow Metro system, has been operational for almost 3 years, providing Internet access to up to 2.5 million commuters daily, who generate traffic of up to 70 TeraBytes each day. The Wi-Fi network spans over 650 trains along 660 km of tracks and tunnels. The constant growth in network traffic and the need to support multiple services and additional applications – such as HD streaming for passengers and CCTV onboard trains – necessitated a network upgrade. Using RADWIN’s Next Generation Train-to-Ground solution, MaximaTelecom was able to demonstrate up to 500 Mbps of net Ethernet throughput per train that will support a wide array of existing and future applications.

Moscow Metro is one of the largest and most complex underground communication networks in the world. Today, more than 80% of Moscow’s citizens use Wi-Fi onboard the metro and receive continuous high-speed service thanks to RADWIN’s high-performance robust solution.” said Mikhail Minkovskiy, MaximaTelecom CTO. “We have been working with RADWIN since the establishment of this massive network, and together we are pushing the boundaries of technology.”

Nir Hayzler, RADWIN’s VP, Head of Strategic Industries LoB: “RADWIN’s pioneering Train-to-Ground solution empowers transit authorities to provide a new type of travel experience to their passengers. Our Next Gen Train-to-Ground solution is based on 1.3 Gbps air-rate capable technology, especially built and tailored to provide high, consistent performance in the challenging scenarios of fast moving trains and metros, above and underground. This newest radio offering is dedicated to mass transit and railway communications including train-to-ground wireless projects with Gigabit per seconds requirements.”This newest radio offering is dedicated to mass transit and railway communications including train-to-ground wireless projects with Gigabit per seconds requirements.

FiberinMotion Next Generation Train-to-Ground Solution Highlights:

  • High capacity – 500Mbps net Ethernet throughput per base station or mobile unit
  • Extensive coverage – up to 1 km underground / 5 Km above ground
  • Supporting train speeds of up to 350 KMH/220MPH (To be extended to 500km/h)
  • Seamless handover
  • Multi-band radio operating in 4.9 to 6.0 GHz
  • Compliant with strict railway standards including EN50155, EN61373, EN50121 and IEC 60571.

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