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Published on August 23rd, 2011 | by Alexis Argent


Perins School in Hampshire Goes Wireless with Xirrus


Xirrus,the leader in high-performance wireless networks, today announced the deployment of their multi-radio Wi-Fi Arrays at Perins School, a community Sports College and secondary school in New Alresford, Hampshire, to deliver one-to-one wireless access to all students with full internet across the entire site.

Perins School’s innovative e-learning programme relies heavily on wireless coverage everyday as the school’s pioneering laptop scheme provides each student with a laptop, loaded with all the necessary software and enabled with wireless access, which can be taken home to allow each student to work at their own pace, encouraging independence. Teachers at Perins School develop their lesson plans around the use of ICT which enables students to, out of hours, email teachers for clarification on homework. Further, students are able to complete projects started in class at home. As a result, the delivery of Wi-Fi coverage and the capacity to cope with a growing number of users on the network is thus essential.

Perins School put out a tender for 2,500 students to be able to connect high-end devices to a wireless network. After getting in touch with several other wireless vendors who were able to offer coverage, Xirrus was chosen because of the company’s reputation in solving not only coverage issues, but also density and bandwidth issues. Xirrus is the only Wi-Fi vendor that offers a 100% Signal Strength Guarantee, and by choosing a solution from Xirrus, Perins School were able to deploy with 75% fewer devices, cables and switch ports. Overall, the school has spent approximately 80% less by choosing Xirrus over other wireless providers.

Rob Harrison, ICT Services Manager at Perins School commented, “The project deliverables by far exceeded my expectations. With all the competitors we met, we just never felt they understood what we were trying to accomplish. When we met with Xirrus, we felt they were working around us and what we needed to achieve. Confidence in both staff and students is growing day-by-day that the Wi-Fi is working, and will continue to do so. The Wi-Fi system gives us the freedom and accessibility to achieve our goal of Anytime Anywhere Learning.”

Sean Larner, Vice President Sales EMEA at Xirrus added, “Teaching staff at Perins School are now able to deliver a true 21st century curriculum and enhance the service delivered to students. At the moment, there are around 30 students per classroom, where at least 90% of them have wireless devices. The Xirrus network is capable of handling a minimum of 40 devices per classroom in any of the school’s eight blocks, each with eight classrooms, and so Perins School in fact is able to connect more than 2,500 wireless devices simultaneously to the network without any problems.”

About Xirrus

To organizations who depend on wireless access to transform their business, Xirrus is the wireless network solution provider that provides the world’s most powerful, scalable, and trusted solutions. Through product invention and system design, commitment to customer success, and the industry’s best price performance, Xirrus gives you confidence that your wireless network performs under even the most demanding circumstances. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Xirrus is a privately held company and designs and manufactures its family of products in the USA.

For more information of Xirrus products, please visit our Xirrus Products Page

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