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Product News peplink-balance-core

Published on July 29th, 2015 | by Alexis Argent


Peplink Balance One Core Now Available

The Peplink Balance One Core is now available. Built without Wi-Fi, the Balance One Core is a great choice for branches and home offices that need the speed, but already have their own WLAN network.

00Mbps Throughput, Dual-WAN

Recently, we found a compatibility issue with Apple OSX that limits the speed to about 600-650M. Even though performance with Windows PCs isn’t affected, we are revising the throughput to 600M to avoid any confusion.

Enterprise-grade Features

Give you more flexibility and control over your networks. The Balance One Core supports remote connectivity using L2TP with IPsec, bandwidth usage monitoring, per-application bandwidth allocation, and more.

Built-in AP Controller and InControl 2

The AP Controller gives you easy control of all Pepwave access points, simply hook them up to the Balance One to manage their SSIDs and get insightful reports. With InControl 2, you can create and manage custom captive portals for all your branch networks on a single screen.

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