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Published on November 5th, 2012 | by Alexis Argent


New CFIP Lumina and SAF Tehnika FreeMile 24 firmware available

SAF Tehnika FreeMile 24 FODU 24GHz License Free Point-to-Point LinkSAF Tehnika have announced that the SAF CFIP Lumina and SAF FreeMile 17/24 latest firmware versions have been released, updated and now are available for downloads from

  • CFIP Lumina firmware V2.63.27 2012.09.25, 
  •  SAF FreeMile 17/24GHz firmware V1.63.30 2012.10.04.

With the SAF Tehnika FreeMile 24 FODU 24GHz License Free Point-to-Point Link firmware update (for web access registration is required) you will find the following:

  • “Diagnostics Data” page combining inventory information and download of troubleshooting data at one place (Full system information page, alarm log, pm log)
  • Additional notifications when applying configuration changes
  • Logging of firmware version, STP events and port duplex state changes
  • Ethernet QoS/STP/VLAN and accelometer status information to “guest” account
  • Additional SNMP parameters in “saf-ipaddons.mib”
  • Improved functionality of VLAN and STP.

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