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Published on March 30th, 2012 | by Alexis Argent


Meraki Product Alert – Meraki WiFi Stumbler for Android

The Meraki WiFi Stumbler can be a helpful tool for conducting wireless surveys and deploying access points in a wireless network. The Meraki WiFi Stumbler is available for computer operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or later), and is also available on newer versions of the Android Phone.

To install the Meraki WiFi Stumbler on your Android Phone, please follow the steps below: (note: These Steps were conducted on the HTC EVO Phone.) (note: The Meraki WiFi Stumbler is free.)

  • 1. On your Android Phone Click “Menu”
  • 2. Select “All apps”
  • 3. Click the “Market” icon
  • 4. Once the Market Application has loaded click “the magnifying glass on the top right hand corner”
  • 5. In the search field type “Meraki”
  • 6. You will see an application called “Meraki WiFi Stumbler”
  • 7. Click on the “Meraki WiFi Stumbler”
  • 8. Read the information about the application, and click “Install”
  • 9. Verify the the applications access to certain components on the phone.
  • 10. Click “OK”
  • 11. The Meraki WiFi Stumbler will then begin downloading and installing.
  • 12. Once the application has completed installation, A message will appear stating Meraki WiFi Stumbler – Successfully Installed

To access the Meraki WiFi Stumbler application: (note: You will need to make sure your wireless feature is turned on.

  • 1. On your Android Phone Click “Menu”
  • 2. Select “All apps”
  • 3. Click the “Meraki WiFi Stumbler” icon
  • 4. If you do not have your WiFi enabled, you will be prompted with a message that says ” Wi-Fi currently disabled. Would you like to enable it now?”. Click “yes”. Please be aware that you may want to shut your WiFi off after using the Meraki WiFi Stumbler. When you have the WiFi enabled, this can drain your battery on your phone.
  • 5. Once the WiFi is enabled you will recieve a message stating ” Wi-Fi enabled”.
  • 6. You are now ready to use the Meraki WiFi stumbler.

For more information on the Meraki WiFi Stumbler please navigate to the following web page:

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