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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


LANCOM LCOS 8.80 offers over 100 improvements and up to 15% more performance

LANCOM Systems has announced the latest free update for its Access Points, WLAN controllers, routers and gateways.

The new LCOS 8.80 is easier to use, it offers more security and convenience, band steering and spectral scan, as well as all-round IPv6 support, including the high-performance IPv6 firewall. There are over 100 other improvements and up to 15% more performance round off the latest version.

LANCOM have a range of both indoor access points and outdoor access points. The indoor range features products such as the LANCOM IAP-54, the  LANCOM L-320agn, the LANCOM L-321agn and the LANCOM L-322agn.  The outdoor range has the LANCOM OAP-310agn, the LANCOM OAP-321 and the LANCOM OAP-382 amongst others. LANCOM L-322agn

Automatically controlled by the access point, the redirection of clients away from the 2.4-GHz to the 5-GHz frequency band can effectively double WLAN performance due to the number of channels available for channel bundling.

Radio frequency interference can affect the reliability and the performance of WLAN networks, and can potentially even lead to a complete failure. LANCOM access points scan the entire radio spectrum to identify and graphically represent non-WLAN interference sources such as microwaves, baby phones, Bluetooth devices, etc.

This enables interference-free channels to be identified for configuration.

LCOS 8.80 is the first LANCOM release version to feature IPv6 dual stack, be it native or via tunnel technologies. This includes a configurable IPv6 stateful-inspection firewall for secure connectivity that is typical of LANCOM. Consequently, devices with LCOS 8.8 work seamlessly at IPv6-enabled connections from all major providers.

With LCOS 8.80, we offer our clients the most comprehensive update for our operating system in LANCOM’s history” said Dr. Martin Krebs, Head of Product Management at LANCOM. “We have integrated more than 100 enhancements and a number of new features suggested by our users, and yet we have managed to make our devices even faster.”

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