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Published on July 19th, 2016 | by Max Argent


InfiNet Wireless Improves Connectivity for OptiBus CCTV Network in Mexico

An InfiNet Wireless solution has been deployed by OptiBus. With crime levels rising by 70% in the last three years within León city in Mexico, OptiBus who operates the cities only Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system needed an optimal solution for keeping their 350,000 daily ridership safe when using their transport network. Through deploying an InfiNet Wireless solution they have been able to overhaul their network and transmit CCTV images in real-time from their 53 bus stops across the city via an increased network speed of 8 Mbps per subscriber point. The new system has also allowed them to bring their overall monitoring system completely online, increasing efficiencies and safety.

We previously had an outdated wireless canopy system in place, but it only offered a maximum through-put of 4Mpbs, and was causing the network to become increasingly saturated, with real time video becoming impossible, negating the purpose of CCTV.” said OptiBbus Director, Fernando Hernandez. “We were also unable to collect the data from the cameras remotely, meaning that extra staff had to be employed to perform this task manually at each station. If a crime was committed, there would also be a significant delay in getting the video evidence due to the distances of the stations and cameras. We needed to upgrade our system to something that provided real-time coverage and also improved data collection and our overall data monitoring systems.

OptiBus looked at all wireless solution suppliers assessing sustainability, reliability and price point, but through working with Tec45 – an approved partner for InfiNet Wireless products, they decided to carry out a trial with the InfiNet equipment. The first trail was for one base station and 10 InfiMAN Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) subscribers. The test was extremely successful, achieving 8 Mbps per subscriber- enough to transmit video in real-time, as opposed to their previous canopy system’s capabilities of 160 kbps per subscriber. With a favorable outcome from the trial OptiBus decided to go ahead and extend the project to five base stations, with three Point-to-Point (PTP) InfiLINK systems and 55 InfiMAN PMP subscribers.

OptiBus has seen a significant improvement since the overhaul. One of the biggest achievements from the project is the ability to support cameras at bus stations with a network that has bandwidth capacity to transmit images in real time, and enabling staff to now have the added capability to be able to monitor and collect data and passenger billing information remotely. With one monitoring centre in the Optibus head office, staff are now able to collate data from 53 connected bus stops across five separate base stations. The new technology has also allowed OptiBus to bring its avoidance alarm, telephone usage, report collection system, video security and overall system monitoring completely online – providing a much more efficient and reliable network.

Fernando Hernandez Garcia, Optibus Director concluded, “Before we started using the InfiNet Wireless network, we couldn’t see real-time video and it was practically impossible to monitor security in the city. Today, the InfiNet Wireless equipment helps us to collect billing information and utilise IP telephony and station alarms. Now, we can monitor security cameras in real-time which are linked to security agencies across the city and we work together to provide a safe and secure city for citizens.

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