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Published on December 11th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


German network vendor LANCOM Systems cooperate on cyber-security with T-Systems

LANCOM Systems, the leading German manufacturer of professional networking solutions like the 1781-4G Router and OAP-321 Access Point, is to supply the base infrastructure for a range of strategic security products from the new Cybersecurity business unit at T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. The first of these products, Clean Pipe, was presented to the press today in Munich, Germany. For the first time, the LANCOM routers – which are developed and manufactured in Germany – are an integral part of a standard solution on offer from Deutsche Telekom.

Clean Pipe, a cloud-based all-round security solution for SMEs, is based on German components that comply with the data-protection and data-security regulations in effect in that country. Although Clean Pipe is already running successfully with a number of pilot customers, the official marketing launch is at CeBIT 2014.

LANCOM was instrumental in developing the infrastructural basis for Clean Pipe. All communications between the companies using Clean Pipe and the solution’s cloud-based security functions are conducted over encrypted connections. These connections terminate at the LANCOM VPN routers on the customer premises. The system employs highly secure models as certified by the BSI, the German Federal Office for Information Security.

The routers from LANCOM were selected deliberately. They are developed and manufactured in Germany, and the models used for Clean Pipe are certified by the BSI as secure and trusted infrastructure components in accordance with the Common Criteria (EAL4+). What’s more, LANCOM operates a rigorous “no backdoor policy” and incorporates no hidden ways to access its products.

Clean Pipe is the unique result of two German companies bundling their expertise,” says Stefan Herrlich, Managing Director and co-owner of LANCOM Systems. “The combination of Telekom’s know-how in hazard control and our expertise in the development of highly secure networks has the potential to make Germany a more secure place.

“Trust is the fundamental basis of our new cyber-security offering,” says Dr. Jürgen Kohr, head of the Cybersecurity business unit at T-Systems. “LANCOM routers are developed and manufactured in Germany and are BSI certified—nowhere on the market will you find a more trustworthy solution.”

LANCOM routers have for years been successfully employed in numerous networking projects by T-Systems and the Deutsche Telekom AG—including large international projects with several thousands of sites. Clean Pipe is the first product to result from the partnership between Deutsche Telekom and LANCOM that uses German technology as a basis for secure offerings. In addition to Clean Pipe, a number of joint security solutions based on the BSI-certified routers from LANCOM are currently in planning.

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