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Published on June 3rd, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) certifies LANCOM routers as secure and trusted infrastructure components

The leading German network technology manufacturer, LANCOM specialise in 3G and 4G technology such as the LANCOM 1781-4G RouterIAP-3G Router and the OAP-382 Outdoor Access Point. They have recently received certification in accordance with the Common Criteria (CC) from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). 

Network security plays a decisive role in fending off threats from the Internet: Cyber criminals search for vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, and use these as a starting point for attacks. Routers are a favoured target, because they form the interface between the internal networks operated by companies and public agencies, and the public infrastructure of the Internet. Maximum security for this neuralgic point is available with the recently BSI-certified high-security router products from LANCOM Systems.LANCOM 1781-4G Router

The certificate was handed over today at the offices of the BSI in Bonn, Germany. These products protect networks at companies, industrial plants, government agencies, and also critical infrastructures (EPCIP) against cyber attacks and attempted espionage.

The Common Criteria certification granted by the German authorities assures companies and government agencies that our routers provide optimal protection for their networks,” explains Ralf Koenzen, Managing Director of LANCOM Systems. “The unique combination of our standard router technology—tried and trusted on 100,000’s of installations—with the BSI CC certification now makes trusted high security affordable even for small and medium-sized companies. This gives them the potential to significantly raise the overall level of IT security.”

LANCOM routers have gone through an intensive, two-year certification process at the BSI in accordance with the internationally accepted security standard Common Criteria (CC). The IT security authority applied an extensive set of criteria and scrutinized each and every security mechanism in fine detail. According to this review, the products from LANCOM demonstrated levels of security that go far beyond the market standard. The products are ideal for securing networks that are used for processing highly sensitive personal data—for example, in public administration and the financial services industry—and for protecting businesses and industrial plants against attacks from the Internet and the theft of their know-how through cyber espionage. They also assure the security of critical infrastructures (EPCIP) and, as such, they already comply with the requirements of the upcoming European IT security legislation.

The high-security VPN routers were designed especially for businesses and public organizations that value independently certified security, and that attach importance to products developed in Europe and produced in compliance with European data-protection laws. There is a further advantage from the LANCOM routers: They are guaranteed free of backdoors and offer absolutely no loopholes or hidden access paths to hackers or foreign intelligence agencies.

Cyber attacks have reached a high degree of professionalism and have become a serious problem for business and industry. Recent reports see a dramatic increase in Cyber attacks (+42% in 2012) —the damages amount to billions. A comprehensive and effective IT security strategy starts with the backbone of IT, the network infrastructure. This means that the interface to the Internet (the router) and multi-site communication over the Internet must be protected to the best possible extent, in order to prevent cyber criminals or competitors from gaining unwanted access to the network, and thus to critical data.

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