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Published on July 12th, 2011 | by Alexis Argent


Funkwerk Adds Voicemail to Elmeg Hybird Integrated Voice and Data Systems


Funkwerk Enterprise Communications  has upgraded the elmeg hybird 300 / 600 integrated voice and data systems to include centralized voicemail. The integrated voicemail system will help small and medium-sized companies to work more effectively and realize additional cost savings. The current release makes the personal voice mailboxes immediately available to all users of elmeg hybird systems. Users can configure their voicemail settings on a dedicated user portal even when they are not in the office.

The new elmeg hybird voicemail system forwards callers to the personal voice mailboxes of users when they are not available or their lines are busy. Users can administer their voice mailboxes using voice menus currently available in German, English, and Italian. The language can be set individually for each voice mailbox from the central configuration. Two greetings can be recorded for each voice mailbox – one of them with an option to leave a message. The greeting can be chosen and activated in the user portal. Instead of the standard greetings, users can record personalised greetings over the telephone.

Configure settings at the office or remotely
Missed calls become a thing of the past with the voicemail system’s ability to send an alert/notification tone or MWI (message waiting indication) when an incoming call is received. Voice messages can even be sent as a .wav file to the user’s e-mail account. In addition, the integrated voicemail system on the elmeg hybird offers its own calendar for instance for scheduling different personal greetings for business hours and after hours.

The user Web portal is another notable feature which allows every personal voice mailbox to be configured individually and provides information on current voice messages. Users can access the voicemail system from external telephones as well. This allows them to receive messages at any time and take action by returning the call, deleting the message, saving it, or forwarding the message in an e-mail.

Use of the elmeg hybird voicemail system is license-based. Two voice mailboxes are included with every hybird 300 / 600. Additional licenses can be purchased from authorized FEC distributors.

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH
Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH (FEC) is a European provider of integrated communication solutions for small to medium enterprise customers in the competence fields IP access, security, voice, and WLAN. Moreover, the company provides highly scalable and flexible solutions for subsidiary networking.
The main objective of the business activities is to offer professional users optimum benefit for meeting their challenges on the ICT infrastructure sector with the help of market-conforming, reliable, and high-performance solutions. The solutions are distributed via indirect channels in a two-tier sales system both nationally and internationally. In total, Funkwerk Enterprise Communications employs approximately 150 persons at several company sites in Europe. The FEC headquarter is located in Nuremberg. FEC is a 100% subsidiary of Funkwerk AG, based in Kölleda, Germany.

For more information, please visit our Funkwerk Product Page

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