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Published on December 5th, 2014 | by Jack Eagle


First Look at the new Xclaim Wireless Access Point range Powered by Ruckus

What is Xclaim Wireless?

Xclaim represents a different approach to delivering enterprise-class Wi-Fi. Xclaim eliminates the cost and complexity associated with conventional Enterprise WLAN systems for smaller organisations that require cost effective, best in class Wi-Fi connectivity, coverage, and performance, with simple, easy management.

What are the key features of Xclaim?

  • Advanced RF design 
  • Dynamic channel selection (auto) 
  • Automatic traffic prioritization (auto) 
  • Airtime Fairness (auto) 
  • Band Steering (auto)

Xclaim allows for up to 4 SSIDs to be configured per access point and has cloud ready management. The Xclaim series includes both indoor access point and outdoor access point models.

What models are available?

All models in the Xclaim range are dual band and controller free. The range includes the Xclaim Xi-1, Xclaim Xi-2, Xclaim Xi-3 and Xclaim Xo-1.

Xclaim Xi-1

  • Indoor Access Point
  • 802.11n
  • 300Mbps

Xclaim Xi-2

  • Indoor Access Point
  • 802.11n
  • 600Mbps

Xclaim Xi-3

  • Indoor Access Point
  • 802.11ac
  • 1.167Gbps

Xclaim Xo-1

  • Outdoor Access Point
  • 802.11ac
  • 1.167Gbps

How is Xclaim controlled?

The Xclaim access points can be managed by downloading the free application, Harmony for Xclaim. This enables users to manage their network from a smart device. Harmony for Xclaim allows for configuration and management of multiple access points, along with security options. Up to 4 seperate SSIDs can be created per access point.

Who is Xclaim targeted at?

Xclaim is primarily targeted at small businesses. Xclaim is competitively priced and management of the network is made simple, available from a smart device. The access points provide performance ideally suited for small businesses.

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