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Published on November 5th, 2012 | by Alexis Argent


Dutch Supermarket Giant Enhances Customer Experience with Aerohive Networks

Aerohive Provides Connectivity for Self-Scan and Discount Terminals across Hoogvliet’s Fleet of Stores

Aerohive Networks, the leader in controller-less Wi-Fi solutions and cloud-enabled networking, today announced that Dutch supermarket chain Hoogvliet has deployed an Aerohive WLAN solution providing the connectivity, capacity and management capabilities to support 4000 plus self-scan terminals and 62 discount terminals, deployed across its stores in The Netherlands.

The WLAN has successfully connected the Zelfscan system. Following the success of the project, Hoogvliet has just completed the installation of Aerohive APs in its new warehouse for frozen foods.   The Aerohive AP range includes the Aerohive HiveAP 20,  Aerohive HiveAP 100 and Aerohive HiveAP 300.


  • As a leading European supermarket chain promoting a shopping environment built around customer experience, Hoogvliet wanted to offer its shoppers an innovative self-scanning and discount service. The company required a scalable, resilient wireless infrastructure to enable the deployment of the self-scan system, Zelfscan, which would consist of over 4000 wireless devices in use across 90% of its supermarkets. The company also wanted to give customers the best opportunity to take advantage of the many price reduction offers, with the deployment of a discount terminal in each of its 62 supermarkets.
  • In assessing its wireless needs, Hoogvliet sought a solution that was scalable, performance-driven and simple to manage from one central point. With 62 outlets to manage, it was not only critical the wireless service could cope with large volumes of devices and traffic on the network at any one time, but also ensure simple management for the IT team, by enabling control and service to be administered remotely.
  • After a competitive tender, Aerohive’s unique architecture, which eliminates the need for a controller, put it ahead of other vendors for its ability to scale at a compelling price point, reduce management complexity, and its high-performance
  • Hoogvliet has implemented Aerohive APs across its 62 supermarkets scattered across the centre of The Netherlands.  The WLAN is now supporting over 4000 Motorola MC17 terminals, 62 Motorola MC55s, 62 Zebra QL220 + printers and 50 plus computers, spread across its network.
  • The network also has high availability. With intelligence in the APs themselves, the WLAN provides the resilience needed to still function without connection to the central point.
  • Hoogvliet’s head office can now efficiently configure and manage all APs and wireless devices on the network, helping save time and valuable resources.
  • The performance of the Aerohive WLAN has helped to ensure rapid customer take-up of the self-scan service and discount terminals. With secure, resilient Wi-Fi as its foundation, shoppers are now able to scan items as they go, enabling real time subtotaling and alerts on offers and savings.
  • Hoogvliet has been so impressed with the performance and reliability of the Aerohive APs, it has expanded the solution to its new frozen foods warehouse, to provide the same business-class Wi-Fi to its employees operating its logistics systems.               

“Our investment in the Aerohive WLAN solution means our self-scan and discount systems are easily able to deal with the vast amount of pressure large volumes of users produce at any one time. Enabling in-store features like Zelfscan allow us to maintain our position in the marketplace, as we continue to deliver quality and value for money to our customers globally,” explains Albert Cornelisse, IT manager, Hoogvliet.

“Rolling out these services to so many of our supermarkets was going to be a substantial task, and we know our choice in WLAN infrastructure was critical to the project’s success or failure.”

“As a modern organisation touting value for money and overall experience, delivering quality and convenience to our highly-expectant, and rapidly growing customer base, is essential. Aerohive enables us to do this”

Cornelisse concludes, “From Aerohive we have not only purchased a highly secure system, but witnessed the benefits of high uptime infrastructure that’s easily managed from one place, and above all, part of our own winning formula – value for money.”

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