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Published on December 18th, 2015 | by Craig Herrett


Dual-Modem Dock Enables In-Vehicle Failover, Load Balancing

New Dual-Modem Dock for COR IBR1100 Solution Keeps Mission-Critical Applications Connected

Cradlepoint have released a Dual-Modem Dock for the COR IBR1100, The release of this unit is a direct response CradlePoint customers who expressed a need to keep their vehicle fleets and M2M connections up and running 24/7.

With the new COR IBR1100 Dual-Modem Dock, which was made available this autumn, fleets and M2M applications now have the ability to incorporate a second modem for redundancy, or the second modem can be used for load balancing to manage bandwidth for peak periods based on usage.


At certain times of the day, metro transit commuters are seemingly all on their mobile devices, utilizing bus WiFi. For those situations, fleet managers can add bandwidth when needed to prevent network lag and to cultivate a positive rider experience. Alternatively, the additional network can be used for applications such as Point-of-Sale or CCTV.

Mission-Critical Connectivity

EMS and fire and rescue vehicles require mission-critical connectivity during life-or-death situations. Wireless-to-wireless failover — the IBR COR1100 and dock are certified with all major carriers — is a cloud-managed backup plan. This ruggedized solution ensures that when lives are on the line, connectivity is never an issue.

Managing a Moving Network

Adding Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM), Cradlepoint’s network management and application platform, to the mix enhances the COR IBR1100 and Dual-Modem Dock. Within ECM, intelligently managing an organization’s network has never been easier. Remotely configure routers in groups or one at a time, organize load balancing, update firmware, and analyze network data — all from the comfort of your desk chair. Firmware updates that used to take weeks now take minutes — without climbing in and out of each vehicle.

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