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Published on August 11th, 2016 | by Max Argent


Cradlepoint Saves Ewing Police Department Critical Time in Managing its In-Vehicle Network

Software-defined network provides reliable and always-on LTE connectivity to keep N.J. officers on the job and on the road

Cradlepoint has announced that the Ewing Police Department is leveraging Cradlepoint’s software-defined LTE solutions to provide vital in-vehicle connectivity for its officers in the field while saving IT staff and officers dozens of hours each month in network management time. With the Cradlepoint NetCloudTM platform, officers can now access mission-critical police applications from their vehicles from any location, allowing them to stay connected to the information needed to protect the community.

Many police and other transportation departments face the same challenges when it comes to supporting in-vehicle networks. With traditional approaches, software updates and network changes require each vehicle to be brought in for maintenance, causing massive downtime and lost hours that could be spent serving the public. Moreover, without a reliable, secure remote network connection, officers can spend a lot of time commuting back and forth to headquarters to submit critical information and reports. Cradlepoint empowers the Ewing Police Department to create a secure end-to-end private network in the cloud over wired and wireless broadband Internet leveraging Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) and NetCloud Engine. The solutions enable the police department to streamline network and fleet management with the ability to efficiently configure, monitor, and manage all of its devices from one central location. Officers have instant, resilient, and secure network connectivity while accessing critical online systems no matter where they are.

We are exceedingly happy with the Cradlepoint Technology,” said Robert Green, Director of Technology, Ewing Police Department. “It works seamlessly and Cradlepoint showed us that we could manage everything remotely. The officers don’t have to do anything to get it to work. It is always there and always on.”

Cradlepoint provides customers with solutions that not only meet their needs, but address the issues of future scalability and connectivity needs. More and more police departments, like Ewing, are realizing the benefits that cloud-based, software-defined LTE technology provides when it comes to secure and reliable in-vehicle networking,” said Ian Pennell, CMO, Cradlepoint. “We are committed to creating software-defined solutions that can meet the customer’s expectations while making their network management simpler and more efficient.”

To learn more about the Ewing Police Department is leveraging LTE, you can download the case study here:

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