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Published on January 12th, 2017 | by Max Argent


Cradlepoint keep ChargeItSpot Kiosks connected

Cradlepoint has announced that ChargeItSpot is utilising Cradlepoint to connect its phone charging stations for retailers, malls, arenas, hospitals and casinos. With Cradlepoint, ChargeItSpot can ensure every kiosk is secure and connectivity is always on, regardless of where it is located.

The businesses that leverage ChargeItSpot, like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Under Armour, and Caesars Entertainment, rely on the kiosks to drive brand awareness and revenue. In fact, in retail stores in particular, a study conducted by Gfk showed ChargeItSpot users shop for twice as long, convert to a higher rate, and ultimately spend more dollars at the register.

By leveraging Cradlepoint’s COR series, every ChargeItSpot kiosk has trustworthy connectivity to ensure customer phones remain safely charging while they stay in the store to shop. The Cradlepoint solutions also provide secure, reliable VPN functionality to keep data safe as it travels to and from these widely dispersed kiosks on an entirely separate ChargeItSpot network. This allows the store or venue’s network to be virtually untouched.

Our biggest hurdle was providing the connectivity necessary to power the key applications running in our kiosks without connecting through our clients’ internal networks. Ultimately we went with Cradlepoint because its solutions are durable, secure, and provide the connectivity we need at anytime, anywhere,” said Robert Kay, senior vice president of operations, ChargeItSpot. “The flexibility of Cradlepoint is simply unmatched, as it can work off the 4G LTE network or even a wired connection if there is interference in the area. We never have to worry about a kiosk going offline because of a connectivity issue.

Cradlepoint is committed to providing secure, reliable, and scalable solutions that make connectivity simple. For businesses like ChargeItSpot, that means having remote connectivity that can reach the right location for a retailer while also eliminating security risks,” said Ian Pennell, chief marketing officer at Cradlepoint. “Whether we are connecting a branding platform in a shop or a mobile charging station at a football stadium, Cradlepoint solutions are powerful connectivity tools that enable businesses to do more with less. We ensure that connections work when and where they are needed so our customers can worry less about their networks and can stay focused on meeting their business goals.

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