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Published on August 8th, 2012 | by Alexis Argent


Aerohive HiveManager and HiveOS Upgrade

Aerohive  have advised that customers with older versions of HiveManager and/or HiveOS that they must perform an important upgrade as soon as possible. 

Upgrading HiveManager and HiveOS is required to ensure that your APs will continue to recognize each other and that the HiveManager recognizes APs. Changes in how MAC addresses are handled in HiveManager necessitate not only the upgrade of HiveManager but also HiveOS. We strongly encourage you to upgrade both your HiveManager and Hive AP to the latest recommended versions.

If currently running

ensure that you are running


3.5r5 or higher


4.0r2 or higher


4.1r3 or higher


5.0r2 or higher

If you wish to upgrade to the latest features and functionality consider upgrading your HiveManager and Hive AP our latest firmware version 5.1r1.  If you are adding AP121s to your mix you must upgrade to 5.1r1. 

For Hive Manager Online Customers

Hive Manager Online is already running a firmware version that supports our new MAC address OUIs, but the firmware on your Hive APs will need to be upgraded. The appropriate HiveOS firmware is available from your Hive Manager Online instance. If you wish to “fly the bee” to upgrade to 5.1r1 the upgrade will be available in a few days. If you need to update immediately please contact Aerohive Support.

For Hive Manager Virtual Appliance or Physical Appliance (1U or 2U)

Customers who are running an on-premise (appliance or virtual appliance), the firmware on both the Hive Manager and Hive APs will need to be upgraded. The appropriate firmware and release notes are available from our website by logging into our Support Portal at 

Lastly, we always recommend that customer run a backup of their Hive Manager before upgrading its firmware and read the release notes prior to upgrading Hive Manager and Hive OS firmware.

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