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Published on November 10th, 2014 | by Jack Eagle

A Quick Look and Review of the Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone

The UVP is Ubiquiti’s first VoIP Phone and is designed to integrate into a UniFi network. The UniFi VoIP Phone features a 5 inch touchscreen and the Android Operating System.

As usual with Ubiquiti products, the presentation is excellent. The box contains the UniFi VoIP Phone and  instruction booklet. The UniFi VoIP Phone comes as one piece, with the handset cord, handset and stand attached. The base of the unit is strong, solid and made of aluminium, while the handset and front panels are plastic. The 5 inch HD touchscreen makes for easy use.

The Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone has features that include:

  • A built in web browser,
  • Automatic provisioning enabling for fast deployment,
  • An integrated contact and directory app,

The UVP is powered by the UniFi controller for integration with a scalable PBX for call logging, auto-attendant, voicemail, mass configuration and more.

The UVP gives you access to the Google Play Store, offering thousands of productivity enhancing Apps. Download your favourite apps, stream media and browse the net. Each phone can be uniquely personalised to suit your preferences.

The UVP’s aluminium frame is strong, and the plastic handset features high fidelity mono audio and rests loosely on top of the frame. It is ergonomic, comfortable, has a soft-touch grip and convenient mute button on the inside of the handset.

The handset cable is fixed to the stand. The phone is PoE only and a PoE cable will need to be purchased separately. 

The UVP is a great introduction to the VoIP market for Ubiquiti and we particularly liked the design, colour and material it is constructed from. Having access to the full range of Android apps straight from your phone makes the UVP perfect for the executives that want a huge array of features, increasing productivity whilst looking great on their desk.

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Jack Eagle

One Response to A Quick Look and Review of the Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP Phone

  1. Bill says:

    would be good if they could produce a competitive DECT product to the siemens gigaset range, whereby the VoIP DECT base can be fitted inline with the standard airmax radio to power unit path so it is powered by the same PSU.

    not like the gateways which are a pretty awful design in my view (i have decades of design experience to base this on).

    this would make an affordable easy to install VoIP solution . the fancy HD phone is nice, but who wants a corded android phone in the average home customer situation? This is where VoIP is an essential value add for WISPs .

    Easily deployable , price disruptive DECT base station. if it works with Siemens and other manufacturer handsets even better! .

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