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Published on April 30th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


A quick look and review of the Ubiquiti airCam Range

Ubiquiti are currently working on the development and release of the new Ubiquiti AirCam Pro IP Camera. Before the latest model is available for order however, we will take you back and have a look at the original airVision range.

There are three models in the airVision range. The airCam Dome and the airCam Mini are specifically designed as an indoor solution, whereas the airCam IP Camera is as an outdoor solution.

Ubiquiti airCam Range

airVision provides advanced recording capabilities and powerful analytics with a web based user interface. Combined with Ubiquiti’s powerful line of H.264 megapixel IP Cameras that capture video at 720p at 30FPS to provide clear picture quality, the airVision range is a revolutionary price/performance IP video surveillance system. 

The first model is the airCam Dome. Coming with a ceiling mount and built-in microphone, the airCam Dome can be deployed wherever it is needed. 

Ubiquiti airCam Dome

The airCam Dome Features:

  • Built-in Microphone
  • Ceiling Mount 
  • 30 FPS 
  • 1MP/HDTV 720p 
  • 4.0mm / F1.5 
  • Powered through Ethernet

The second model is the airCam MINI. This model comes with a desktop mount. The MINI can be tilted depending on where it needs to be positioned.

Ubiquiti airCam Mini

The airCam Mini Features:

  • Built-in Microphone 
  • Desktop Mount
  • 30 FPS 
  • 1MP/HDTV 720p 
  • 3.6mm / F2.5 
  • Powered through Ethernet

The third model is the airCam IP Camera that comes with a wall/ceiling mount depending on where the camera needs to be focused.

Ubiquiti airCam IP Cameras

The airCam IP Camera Features:

  • Wall Mount/Ceiling Mount 
  • 30 FPS 
  • 1MP/HDTV 720p 
  • 4.0mm / F1.5 
  • Powered through Ethernet

All three models of the Ubiquiti airVision series are aesthetically pleasing, meeting the usual standard that Ubiquiti achieve with their products. The cameras are also lightweight, meaning they can easily be mounted. 


The Ubiquiti airVision Camera Management software comes with every airCam unit and enables users to access the advanced recording capabilities that are available. The airVision interface allows users to control the Ubiquiti camera range using any web browser through secure HTTPS. Features of the software include:

  • Detailed statistical reporting
  • Multiple views
  • Versatile camera settings
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customisable event recordings

All airVision units come with a Power Over Ethernet  (PoE) Adapter and an AirVision UI and NVR Software Installation CD.

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