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Published on November 10th, 2015 | by Jack Eagle


A Quick Look and Review of the Sierra Wireless 3G Routers

Sierra Wireless produce machine-to-machine devices for use over cellular networks. Their portfolio includes both 3G routers and 4G routers. Mobile routers enable connection where a fixed line is not present.

This article will look at two models in Sierra Wireless’ cellular 3G portfolio. These are the AirLink LS300 3G Router and the AirLink GX400 3G Router. Both models support wide temperature plus voltage, which makes them perfect for M2M. They also have compatibility with the ALEOS Application Framework that makes them easy and quick to configure and deploy, and flexible by adding another program layer.

Sierra Wireless LS300 3G M2M Gateway

The AirLink LS300 is a 3G gateway and features best in class session persistence which keeps the gateway connected to the cellular network. The LS300 has GPS and is both small and lightweight, making it ideal for transportation.

AirLink LS300 Front

Where should it be deployed?

The LS300 has a rugged military design which makes it ideal for deployment in harsh environments.

AirLink LS300 Back

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 3G Router

The AirLink GX400 is a modular 3G gateway. Wi-Fi, I/O or an Ethernet card can be added to the router depending on user requirements. With built in GPS and multiple interfaces, the GX400 can provide versatility for any location-aware application.

AirLink GX400 Front

Where should it be deployed?

The GX400 is small and lightweight. It is IP64 classified meaning it can withstand the extreme temperatures, humidity, shock and vibrations that are found in both mobile and M2M conditions.  The GX400 is perfect for many practical applications that include vehicle location, digital signage, security surveillance and infrastructure monitoring.

AirLink GX400 Port

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