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Published on January 6th, 2016 | by Jack Eagle


4Gon speak to Comms Business Magazine about wireless solutions and how to sell them

4Gon Solutions has been featured in the January 2016 issue of Comms Business Magazine.

4Gon speak to Comms Business Magazine about the different wireless solutions available on the market, how to sell them, BYOD and 4G.

Are resellers making an impact on this market, how are suppliers helping them lock in new revenue streams?

A huge amount of resellers are interested in this market and this is due to how many products are being manufactured and installed with easy to use software, which effectively enables resellers to have little technical skills of wireless products. Plug and play is becoming the norm, users don’t want to have to spend hours learning how to set up a system, it should just work. Because maintenance of a network is a big responsibility, management is also a priority now. It should be simple to configure and provision an entire network through a browser or mobile app.

One of the most important things resellers should do is have a broad wireless product range, so this means not just WLANs. There are so many things that can be achieved using wireless, so don’t restrict yourself down to a couple of different applications.

What applications are selling well and where?

We are seeing a huge demand for ac products, they have really taken off. With modern devices ac compatible, it is natural that everyone wants to make use of the faster speeds available.

Ubiquiti have recently expanded their UniFi portfolio of access points to include four new ac products, showing that they are future proofing the series. The new UniFi models include the AC Lite, which is 25% smaller than previous models. The AC-LR is a long range model, with a range of up to 600ft. The AC-Pro has a combined throughput of up to 1300Mbps and the AC-EDU comes with a built in loudspeaker.

Point-to-Point equipment is still very popular for connecting different locations together. For example we have a link setup between an office and a warehouse about half a mile away. This means we can use our existing broadband connection, rather than paying out for another. There are links out there capable of up to 200km, meaning virtually anything  is achievable. Again we would recommend Ubiquiti for these kinds of links, because of their cost effectiveness, in particular the airFiber and NanoStation ranges. Point-to-Point devices are also capitalising on the ac standard, Ubiquiti have a number of airMAX ac products that offer faster speeds.

There are always a lot of new products coming through all the time, so in order to be best placed to take advantage of this, resellers need to keep their eyes open and pick their distribution partners carefully. It is important to choose a distributor that is also willing to support them based on what they believe is going to be fast moving. They also need to do regular research into the market as it is constantly changing.

What should wireless providers be aware of when it comes to BYOD?

It is important to find a good hardware manufacturer that supports the latest wireless protocols, and also covers non-legacy wireless protocols (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac). Providers need to have the correct equipment in place to handle multiple users. Ideally you will find something that is easy to manage and maintain.

Another thing that providers need to take very seriously is security. With numerous foreign devices being brought onto a network, there is a higher risk of data leaking, infection from malware and privacy issues. Providers need to ensure they set terms of service and be vigilant with the devices allowed onto the network and the permissions that they have.

Is 4G having an impact on the wireless market?

We are seeing 4G play a bigger part in society whether it be in hotels, retail, outdoor events, construction or the transport industry, to name but a few different possible applications. A lot of companies are starting to use 4G as backup to their broadband now too, reducing possibility of downtime. Companies such as Viprinet offer modular 4G routers that are perfect for both business use and on the move. By bonding internet connections together, bandwidth and reliability is hugely increased.

Manufacturers such as i-MO offer mission critical bonding applications for situations where internet failure is simply not an option. These solutions are highly resilient and can hold up to 6 SIM cards at once.

As education and 4G coverage continues to improve, we will start to see more and more use of these sorts of appliances.

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