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Published on September 19th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent

4Gon Interview Siklu about the EtherHaul Product Range, their Unique Manufacturing Process and Future Plans

Kathleen Reed from 4Gon Solutions speaks to Shahar Peleg, Director of Product Management for Siklu, an industry leader in millimeter wave backhaul solutions.

Kathleen and Shahar discuss the Siklu EtherHaul Range, Siklu’s unique manufacturing process and future plans for the company. 

4Gon: Broadcasting from various countries around the world, using wireless technology, this is 4G Uncovered – A 4Gon Solutions UK podcast. I am Kathleen Reed. Joining us today is Shahar Peleg, Director of Product Management from Siklu. Siklu builds gigabit millimeter-wave wireless backhaul solutions over the 70-80 GHz E-band and 60 GHz V-band. Based on a unique, all-silicon design that reduces price and increases reliability. A part of this podcast is even being recorded over a wireless link. Thank you for joining us today, Shahar!

Could you give 4G Uncovered listeners a bit of background on Siklu and the marketplace their products reach?

Shahar Peleg, Siklu: Sure, Siklu makes gigabit wireless backhaul solutions operating in the 60, 70, and 80 GHz millimeter wave band, which are also called V-band and E-band. We’ve developed very advanced all silicon designs of these radios that reduce price and increase reliability. Siklu today is the market leader, the millimeter wave market leader, selling over 7000 units to date, which as I mention makes us the leader in the millimeter wave backhaul. Our systems are already field proven in various applications ranging from mobile backhaul to emphasize business service connectivity all over the world in various weather conditions – from the mountains of India to the cold weather of Russia. We even have had some units operating solidly during Hurricane Sandy in the United States. Millimeter waves are very well targeted for last mile applications, make that for high capacity, last mile applications, making them very well suited for mobile backhaul, business servitude, ISP enterprise connectivity, anywhere where you need to have high capacity connectivity at distances anywhere up to 2, 2.5 to 3km, depending where you are in the world.

4Gon: Excellent, so can you tell us why Siklu radios are manufactured at silicon level and how this benefits our customers?

Shahar Peleg, Siklu: Siklu has taken the all silicon disciplines directly from the consumer electronics world and transformed them into the carrier network. So, on one hand we’re retaining the call structure of consumer electronics, on the other hand we’re ensuring carrier grade performance. There are a number of unique developments that are at the core of our technology. First of all, we’ve developed single radio frequency integrated circuit called, RFIC, which basically includes all our front end power amplifier, low noise amplifier, mixers, filters —  the whole deal into a very small silicon chip. It is the first silicon germanium design (SiGE) in the world for the E-band and V-band spectrum, which results in dramatic cost reductions. We’ve also developed a baseband chip that incorporates the modem, the converters, into a powerful machine that controls the Quality of Service over the wireless link. This eliminates the need actually for using third party modems and additional modules, which in turn once again contribute to optimal radio control on the one hand and all sorts of cost reductions on the other hand. We also have well known designs on antennas that are very small and high gain in power which allow for very simple installations. These antennas meet all the required FCC and ETSI standards and down to contribute to the cost of the equipment, as well as reducing the installation time and effort and also contributing to the total cost of ownership. Altogether these technologies advances that I just mentioned result in a very small, very easy to install radio and that is more importantly at the right price for our customers.

4Gon: So could you please tell our listeners in your own words why you would choose the EtherHaul products – 1200T and 1200F and what separates it from other similar products in the market from manufacturers like Bridgewave, RADWIN and Ceragon

Shahar Peleg, Siklu: First of all, the EtherHaul 1200 product line is the industry’s smallest E-band product available, based on our silicon fully-integrated technologies, which I just mentioned. It allows very quick and simple installation process which can even be performed by installers with very minimal training and limited telecom expertise. We’ve integrated a full suite of networking capabilities for seamless, zero-touch installation and commissioning of our products into the existing networks. So, practically, you install it with very minimal consideration and you have the product up and running in your network. The EtherHaul 1200 may provide gigabit capacity so you can support your capacity needs today and you can scale up to whatever capacity that you may need in the future. And as the market shows, you never have enough capacity, users always want more capacity than what’s given today. On top of that, part of the networking features allow you to deploy our EtherHaul 1200 in resilient topologies providing ring topologies, for example, daisy-chain topologies. And for the mobile backhaul applications we have integrated synchronous Ethernet to provide the base station with the required timing and information that they need. All these together and once again, I’m returning to this all these together, and together with the fact that all of these are provided with very small, all outdoor, very simple to install product, together with the fact that this product is provided with a very low cost. These are all together the advantages of the EtherHaul 1200T, which all results from the all silicon integrated technology we just discussed.

4Gon: With the EtherHaul 1200F released, tell us a bit about the EH600 which is just on the horizon?

Shahar Peleg, Siklu: The EtherHaul 600 is a product which is mostly for the small cell backhaul market. Small cell are considered a hot topic today in the modern operators in order to provide additional capacity boost to their network. If they are actually planning to install a second layer of mobile cells, this time at street level, they would need to provide backhaul too. The EtherHaul 600 operating at the 60GHz frequency band is very well suited for this application. Allowing to cope with the street level installation challenges, such as being installed in the cold, twist or sway, as well as provide high capacity and to do that in a practically invisible form factor: very, very small all outdoor unit. The sweet spot, the main application for the EtherHaul 600T is mobile backhaul, and can be used for a wide variety of other applications, as well. Once again, if you need high capacity point-to-point connectivity, this time for a range of a few hundred meters where a small form factor is required. For example: CCTV or surveillance applications. So we are very much excited with the EtherHaul 600T just around the corner. We are seeing very high interest in this product. We are working very hard to have it released to the market very soon and to provide it to our customers.

4Gon: Do Siklu have anything interesting planned for the future and where do you see the market heading in the next few years?

Shahar Peleg, Siklu: Well, like we just mentioned, the EtherHaul 600T will be planned to be shortly released in the second half of this year for the small cell application. That said we have additional development undergoing as we speak, all of them are practically focused on easier installation which has a huge impact on the customer’s total cost of ownership. We’re developing tools that would practically allow the units to be auto installed, minimizing and limiting the expertise required by the installers themselves. So, it minimizes the human errors that may be introduced during the installation process, reducing the gross length of time that is required for the installation. In addition, we are working on enhancing our geo-approach, installation and commissioning capabilities. Essentially, we want the installation to be done just by one person with a ladder with commissioning being done by a SON or self-organized network technologies and concepts which are being defined these days every street. And once again all of this is done for a single purpose. We want to make the installation much cheaper and easier to reduce the installation time and installer expertise. We have already taken care of that, the complex side of the equation, with offering high capacity equipment at a very low, low cost; now we’re reducing the offer on the installation time and cost of our products.

4Gon: I really want to thank you for your time today, Shahar. Shahar Peleg is the Director of Product Management from Siklu.

This has been a 4G Uncovered podcast, brought to you by 4Gon Solutions. For more information, please visit 

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