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Published on March 24th, 2015 | by Jack Eagle

4Gon Interview SAF Tehnika about the new Integra Radio, Spectrum Analyser & more @ CeBit 2015

4Gon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to a number of top manufacturers.

In this interview, Alexis Argent speaks to SAF Tehnika about the new Integra Radio, Spectrum Analyser and more.

Alexis Argent, 4Gon: Hello, my name is Alexis Argent, I’m the founder of 4Gon solutions, distributors of wireless products in the united kingdom. We are here at CeBIT 2015, I’m here with Gints from SAF and we are going to talk about some of their products. How are you finding the show Gints?

Gints Antoms, SAF Tehnika: The show up to now, it’s monday so its difficult to estimate, lets say participating in this years CeBIT but all in all CeBIT has been a central meeting for us already for years. Lets say instead of focusing on new lead generation we meet our existing customers, so this is more like a customer retention event, so we have a lot of interesting conversations with our current customers also today its very busy, so for the first day i would say its really fine.

4Gon:  Fantastic that’s good to hear, perhaps you can tell us about some new products of yours?

SAF Tehnika: Right, so we have the integra product and it has been around already for a year or so, we constantly keep improving and developing this product line, this is our current generation product platform right so up to now we have released integra with an integrated antenna, as can been seen here, with specific materials that are anti corrosion  resistant. we have the product in both integrated antenna and in slip-fit versions. The version with integrated antennas is industry innovation for the license microwave frequency bands and it has the benefit of having a totally hermitized connection between the radio and antenna and not having the necessity of mounting the radio on the antenna. During this years CeBIT we are also introducing the wideband version of the integra, capable of reaching nearly 1 gigabit of throughput which is also an innovation in the microwave industry i would say as up to now there haven’t been any products available to support 112 megahertz channel bandwidth and reaching say nearly 1 gigabit of capacity per single carrier meaning per single modem and module right? So that is in general what we are presenting in terms of our microwave radio portfolio.

4Gon:  So you can see you’re certainly ahead on the innovation side of things. Could you perhaps tell me a little bit about your spectrum analyzer?  

SAF Tehnika: A few years back, about 2 years back, we launched this device, we basically being a microwave manufacturer ourselves, we already for years saw the need for truly mobile, compact spectrum analyzer units for troubleshooting, maintaining and installing microwave links dedicated for engineers. After some time with this smartphone sized, spectrum analyzer unit specifically designed for engineers dealing with point to point microwave links, so basically enabling you to save time during activities that are related to microwave radio links troubleshooting, maintenance and installation. So saving time and improving the performance of the microwave radio network. Primarily this product is targeted at companies that are involved in microwave radio link installation, processes and maintenance.            

4Gon: Excellent, well thanks ever so much for taking the interview, it’s been a pleasure. Cheers, Goodbye.

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