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Published on March 23rd, 2015 | by Jack Eagle

4Gon Interview LightPointe about Free Space Optics, New Products and more @ CeBit 2015

4Gon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to a number of top manufacturers.

In this interview, Alexis Argent speaks to LightPointe about FSO, new products and more.

Alexis Argent, 4Gon Solutions: Hello my name is Alexis Argent, founder of 4Gon Solutions. We are here at CeBIT 2015, Europes largest technology show. I’m joined here tod\y by Dr Heinz who is the president and CEO at LightPointe. How are you finding the show?

Dr. Heinz, LightPointe: The show is great! We have been to this show i think for 15 years now. The show has changed, but this year it has become much more professional which is great and we are hoping for a very good show.   

4Gon: Excellent, perhaps you could give us a quick introduction to LightPointe and maybe a quick overview of your product portfolio?

LightPointe: Yeah, at LightPointe we started a long time ago, in 1998, and we focused initially on high-capacity point to point solutions based on free space optics, technology that uses laser light to communicate, and then over the years we also migrated in to other technologies. Our focus is still only on high-capacity point-to-point solutions, so we are not in the business of several megabits per seconds, so our solutions run gigabit speeds or faster and nothing slower and we use multiple frequency bands these days and one of them is right in front of us here and that is an introduction we are doing here at CeBIT. This is a 60 gigahertz system, that is a V-band system and we also sell E-band systems which is a higher frequency range, 70/80 gigahertz, where you can use for somewhat longer distances.

4Gon:  Okay cool, so is this a new product?

LightPointe: This is a brand new product that we have introduced at this show, so we are right now at CeBIT and there is another show in the United States, we are based in the United States, there is a Las Vegas show in which we will release this product at the same time too. This is a little, small 60 gigahertz system. Its meant for short distance interconnects, so if you have two buildings that you need to connect you put one system on one side and put another system on the other side and you can communicate over distances of a few hundred metres, 500 metres or so with this system and other applications for this system are in the carrier space/higher speed space, so everywhere you need to have high capacity over a short distance, this is a good way to go and it is unlicensed in most parts of europe. Which is another benefit of course as it means you don’t have to go through any complex licenses process. This system has a little antenna, inside there is a radio modem which generates the signal. On the bottom we have some network connectors, so it is very easy to connect to the network, it comes with a network management system, stand out web browser and runs also SNNP and what is unique about the way we look at this product is that most companies look at 60 gigahertz and say its for very short distance interconnects and there are some reasons to look at it from that point of view but when you take this approach you try and make the system as a small as possible, so this is kind of this approach too make it pretty small right? But then again you cannot transmit very far. The same system comes with a 1 foot antenna, which is a little bit bigger than this small antenna, but that gives you some additional gain and also with the 2 foot antenna. At that point you can go at distances of excess 1 kilometer easily with such a system and in this sense it is not just a 60 gigahertz product, its more of a product line, that we’ve introduced.

4Gon: I was perhaps just going to ask, obviously we are a distributor in the UK is there a particular one of those products that sell better in that market in the UK?

LightPointe: Well the UK market is interesting because the regulator in the UK has opened oppurtunities for resellers in quite a few frequency bands. So there was always a stand out optical frequency band that we provide for very short interconnections, but then the uk regulator also followed the north american V-band 60 gigahertz regulations, so its on a unlicensed band arrangement from 57-64 gigahertz and you can use these systems in the UK. In addition the UK operator also signed up for a process of light licensing in the E-band arena. So you don’t have to pay, like in Germany, thousands of euros to get a license but the UK regulator followed the strategy that the US and Australia have implemented where you can do a very simple registration of an E-band system and then you will get a license and its very very inexpensive, i think its about 50 pounds or so in the UK right now.

4Gon:  Excellent, well thank you very much Dr. Heinz its been a pleasure, thank you very much.

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