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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


4Gon interview Geneko on their product range, advantages over rival products, + future models for Geneko

Kathleen Reed from 4Gon Solutions speaks to Milos Mijajlovic, Business Development Manager for Geneko, who produce network and communication devices based on GPS, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, RFID and Internet technologies.

Kathleen and Milos discuss Geneko’s product range, why customers should purchase Geneko products over rivals, and the future plans for Geneko. 


You can watch the Video and see the full transcript below:

4Gon: Broadcasting from various countries around the world, using wireless technology, this is 4G Uncovered – A 4Gon Solutions UK podcast. I am Kathleen Reed. Joining us today is Milos Mijajlovic, Business Development Manager for Geneko, a company that has been innovating in ICT technologies since 1991. Currently their focus on design and production of network communication devices based on on GPS, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE and Internet technologies. A part of this podcast is even being recorded over a wireless link. Thank you for joining us today, Milos. To start, could you please give 4Gon customers a little more background on the Geneko range?

Milos Mijajlovic, Geneko: Today, Geneko is focused on three different product lines.  The first one is the cellular routers product line, the second one is tracking products and solutions, and finally fiscal products and solutions product line. Within the cellular routers product line, so far we have launched three different product series. Semi industrial GWR cellular router series, with three different router modules GPRS, EDGE, and 3G routers . This series is dedicated to machine to machine applications where extended input voltage range or port protection or extended temperature range are not needed. For example, connecting remote ATM machines, essential server or GSM, that would be a perfect pass hole for GWR routers series. For technical industrial  applications, like pipeline monitoring, or smart feed installations we have launched our GWRi industrial cellular router series. This series also has three different modules, this also GPRS, EDGE, and 3g. Finally, in March this year, during the CeBit exhibition in Hanover, we launched our latest GWRHS our high speed cellular router series. With this high speed series we have introduced, HSPA, HSPA+, and LTE routers with optional Wi-Fi interface. All three cellular router series are covered by single remote management and monitoring system.

4Gon: Ok, so why Should 4Gon Customers purchase Geneko products such as the Geneko GWR352 3G Router over rival brands such as Teltonika, NetComm, Virtual Access 3G Routers, Sierra Wireless 3G routers and Deltanna 3G routers?

Milos Mijajlovic, Geneko: Well, Geneko cellular routers are designed to provide robust, reliable and secure machine to machine communications. For this reason, we have implemented a whole range of advanced features, including multiple failover options, remote management and monitoring systems is also considered as one of the major advantages, especially for projects with a bigger number of installed remote units. Furthermore, Geneko offers full customization of each implemented router feature as user requirements. Our team of 30 highly qualified engineers is all ready to implement completely new features for the targets and projects. Finally, we have invested a lot in our support team. Today, we could probably claim that we have one of the best support teams ready to provide assistance over the internet, phone line or even on site, 24 hours a day. When you add very attractive prices for all our products, I think Geneko cellular routers become a logical choice. In any case, we encourage our customers to organize thorough testing of cellular router brands and make their own conclusion about what router they should use for the application.

4Gon: With 4G products and 4G Routers now becoming more accessible, does Geneko have any more plans to produce any 4G routers?

Milos Mijajlovic, GenekoWe have already launched our first LTE router within the GWRHS Cellular Router series. We have presented it during the CeBIT Exhibition, along with our partner from Sweden and Deutsch Telecom internet team, we presented a complete video surveillance over T-Mobile 4G Network application. We had a very positive response from the visitors and expect a lot of good business from this particular router model. 

4Gon: Wonderful, do you see Geneko incorporating dual sim technology (failover) or Wi-Fi capabilities into your current or future models?

Milos Mijajlovic, GenekoActually, we have incorporated dual sim technology from the very first router model in 2007. All our router models have dual sim technology covered by advanced failover function. As for the wifi capability, new GWRHS router series incorporates wifi and all future models will have this option available.

4Gon: What’s next for Geneko and where do you see the market headed?

Milos Mijajlovic, GenekoWithin the next two years, Geneko will launch several different router models, next launching is scheduled for the end of Q3. This date is reserved for new ADSL+ LTE router, so the primary connection will be ADSL, the backup is LTE, or network compatible HSPA+ or 3G. During Q4, we will also present our new industrial cellular router series, which will support up to five Ethernet ports, wifi, six digital links and outputs. Beside new router model launching, we will present our cloud based, remote management and monitoring solution. As I see it, the cellular router market is actually very dynamic and we have to be ready to meet the requirements coming from our clients. At this moment, we can see the machine to machine market is hungry for end-to-end solutions, and our experts are already working in this direction. We are partnering with leading system integrators worldwide, and very soon you can expect complete solutions from Geneko.

4Gon: I really want to thank you for your time today, Milos. Milos Mijajlovic is the business development manager for Geneko. This has been a 4G Uncovered podcast, brought to you by 4Gon Solutions. For more information, please visit

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