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Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


4Gon Founder Takes Part in Panel Debate on 4G Opportunities at the Convergence Summit 2013

Alexis Argent, the Founder of 4Gon Solutions and VoIPon Solutions, takes part in a panel debate on 4G Opportunities at the Convergence Summit 2013.  


4G Opportunities: With all the major suppliers due to make 4G announcements regarding their services during the summer of 2013, this is a great time for delegates to catch up on what is happening and where the sales opportunities are going to be for the channel. We’ll focus more on applications than handsets to see how business users can harness 4G. Some say that 4G will replace a lot of fixed line access for some applications but we’re not so sure. You can find our more by coming along to the session.


We are talking mobile Internet here that is significantly better than previous standards such as GPRS, edge, 3G (hsdpa) and now 4G via LTE long term evolution. People and industries are demanding better and better Internet access. This demand will grow indefinitely as applications and higher definition video and audio standards keep pushing new boundaries. Speed of deployment is far superior than last mile access from dsl and fibre providers.

There are plenty of applications driving 4G growth. Any application that requires mobility and fast deployment. For example car tracking, any updates that require delivering data to a mobile object or person.

Dual sim 4G gateways can be set up in a matter of minutes and support many clients to a high standard proving there is decent coverage. This is fantastic for short term Internet requirements or building sites for example. Internet backup/fall back. So many companies now rely so heavily on Internet access so installing a third backup solution using a 4G gateway is now worth the investment.

Mobile cellular Internet I doubt will replace the last mile or fixed line Internet access but I believe future generations of cellular Internet access will certainly start to compete with it. It will also complement it. 3G/4G Internet is still a bit of a black art on comparison to fixed line. Throughput is likely to be much more variable along with inconsistent coverage and latency. Future incarnations of the standard I’m sure will make it better.”


With 4G Technology becoming more of a talking point in the last year or so, people are seeing the benefits that can be gained from high speed mobile internet. The industry is seeing interest increasing in 4G Routers such as the  NetComm Wireless 4G100W and the CradlePoint IBR600. 4G Customers are also expressing an interest in Point-to-Point links such as the Ubiquiti airFiber and the Siklu EtherHaul products. 

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