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Published on July 26th, 2013 | by Alexis Argent


4Gon Discusses BYOD Practices with Comms Business Magazine

Alexis Argent, founder and director of 4Gon Solutions, is featured in the August 2013 issue of Comms Business Magazine.4Gon in Comms Business MagazineCommenting in the ‘Margin Maker: Wireless Solutions for the SME’ feature, Alexis spoke about the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), popular applications, a BYOD checklist plus complying with the Digital Economy Act. 

Driven largely by the move towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) the market for wireless connectivity in the workplace is expanding rapidly and represents a great opportunity for resellers. It’s not just about creating hotspots and there are some great applications out there that really build margin and lock in the customer for the reseller. Comms Business looks at some of the key suppliers and distributors to see:

How they can help resellers expand in to this market and build new revenue streams

The rapid expansion of BYOD practices is a huge opportunity for resellers, it’s the hottest CPE trend around.

Wireless manufacturers and vendors in particular are booming and wireless access points are doing particularly well. Everyone wants to get on the web, and through it access company infrastructure and functionality such as CRM, email and so on.

I’d actually argue customers are moving away from being ‘locked in’ as IT departments are displaced and more control is handed to the client. This means the margin opportunities and potential revenue streams for resellers are consultancy, hardware sales, installation and maintenance, in that order. The margin available with each opportunity will of course depend on the type of customer, the hardware manufacturer and the application in question.”  

What applications are selling well and where?

When you get down to it, the application is wireless access, rather than fixed line Cat5 or Cat6 solutions, in other words, the application is the internet and access to the corporate network. As with any web portal this creates sales, marketing and data capture opportunities via, for example, a splash page. You can also sell internet access itself, although this isn’t something any customer will appreciate paying over the odds for. All applications associated with smartphones or tablets could be considered part of the mix, so really, the app opportunities are limitless. With the explosion of tablets and smartphones, the apps, whether used by a doctor, sales assistant or waitress, are secondary (for the reseller) to access.”

What constitutes a BYOD check list for wireless solutions providers? 

Your checklist should include a good hardware manufacturer that supports the latest wireless protocols, and also covers non-legacy wireless protocols (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) – Ubiquiti for example have taken the market by storm. Also desirable is a good distributor that provides useful technical sales advice, fair margins and solid post-sales support, guest management software, a high capacity co-current user limit and the ability to roam.”

How simple it can be for suppliers to comply with the access provision in the Digital Economy Act?

There are numerous third parties that specialise in ensuring resellers keep with in legal frameworks, I’d recommend them as any concerned resellers first port of call. Ofcom are vigilant when it comes to any type of legal framework and wireless is no exception. As with all successful wireless vendors you can be assured they take all of the required measures to stay within these guide lines. When guest management networks are setup you need to be able to have a record sites visited and MAC addresses, as well as putting a disclaimer on your splash page. All of which is achievable with any of the Ubiquiti Unifi access points.”

Visit Comms Business magazine to see these comments as originally featured in the August 2013 issue.

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