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Published on January 4th, 2017 | by Jack Eagle


4Gon discuss wireless solutions with Comms Business Magazine

4Gon Solutions have been featured in the January 2017 edition of Comms Business Magazine.

David Frith, Marketing Manager at 4Gon, spoke about the latest 802.xx developments, Guest WiFi services, 4G and the potential impact of 5G.

Comment from David Frith

The 802.11 ac standard has brought about a huge performance increase in wireless device throughput and capacity, and it will only get better too. By using the less congested 5GHz band, more bandwidth is available, MIMO is applied and so is beamforming technology, resulting in greatly improved performance.

Businesses are continuing to expand and upgrade their WiFi capacity with new products. Companies such as Ubiquiti have released AC products to their portfolio. The UniFi series of access points for example, features 4 ac models that are cost effective, scalable and a dream to set up. Products like these do breath life into the market because anyone can set them up.

Guest WiFi services are also in high demand, providers such as UCOPIA are offering WiFi access & WiFi marketing solutions that enable business are organisations such as sports arenas, conference halls, restaurants and many more improve their guest Wi-Fi experience and enable organisations to monetise their Wi-Fi infrastructure. Such solutions enable easy management of huge numbers of Wi-Fi access points giving business owners more power to speak to their customers via Wi-Fi access.

4G is a big deal and has opened the door to a wealth of new opportunities, across a vast number of different industries. The speed at which a 4G network can be set up is a lot quicker than a broadband network, meaning it is far more dynamic. This has played a vital role in the hospitality sector, offering WiFi to guests during events. The improved coverage across the UK has meant people are able to see the benefits of 4G. For this reason we are seeing an increased usage of 4G routers that are used for events such as music festivals.

5G should change the mobile landscape forever. The discussion suggests that 5G is going to go beyond meeting our consumer needs. There is talk of speeds of up to 10Gbps which is extraordinary. When you look at the Internet of Things and the possibilities available there already, the new infrastructure will enable this to be taken to the next level. It has been predicted there will be over 20 billion devices connected to the Internet by the time the 5G infrastructure is in place in around 2020. This will breath a huge amount of life into the market.

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