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Manufacturer News Resellers Urged to Seize Wireless Opportunity

Published on April 28th, 2014 | by Alexis Argent


4Gon Discuss the Ubiquiti airFiber 5 and 5U point-to-point radio links with Comms Business Magazine

Alexis Argent, founder and director of 4Gon Solutions and VoIPon Solutions, is featured in the May 2014 issue of Comms Business Magazine. 

4Gon Solutions has urged resellers across the UK to get ready for the next generation of network communication devices from Ubiquiti Networks

The Ubiquiti airFiber 5 and airFiber 5U are due to launch in the next few weeks and represent the next step in capability and value for point-to-point radio as demand for backhaul technology continues to rise.

airFiber 5 will deliver 1Gbps throughput over an increased range of more than 100Km, making it the ideal solution for both carriers and users in remote locations. Reliable point-to-point connectivity is provided by a Full Duplex antenna, and by sending and receiving data simultaneously between two dishes, there is no latency. 

Ubiquiti Networks, founded by an ex Apple engineer, is continuing to raise the bar for cost effective and powerful network communication devices. airFiber 5 is being developed by the same team behind the original Motorola Canopy devices, who have found a way to mass produce high quality products at a disruptive price point. 

Alexis Argent, founder & director, 4Gon Solutions, comments:

The speed, range, robustness and ease of setup we’re seeing in new point-to-point technology really underlines the scale of the opportunity resellers have with today’s wireless solutions. The new airFiber products are incredible and a great example of a wireless solution that is set apart from the rest of the market not only by its reliability and performance, but the price at which it can be delivered. Ultimately, that means better margins for the UK’s resellers in an area where demand is still going up.

We fully expect the airFiber 5 and 5u to prove hugely attractive, and I’d urge any reseller reading this to take a close look at these products and consider how wireless technology can help take their business to the next level.

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